Short and on point vs. long and expansive?

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As i might have mentioned in my first post ive been here for quite a bit of time in the background. Observing and absorbing. What i noticed is that there is a disagreement between people on what constitutes quality content in terms of post length.

I want to talk about that a bit. Give out my thoughts. Present my opinion. Speak my mind (Completely unnecessary to write. :D)

I am a big Game of thrones fan. After i watched the first season during a flight to USA i fell in love instantly. My neck hurt after looking at the tiny screen on the chair for 10 hours but i was hooked. I was so hooked i picked up the books.
Aaaaand...... although i could appreciate the skill by which George R.R. Martin writes i just couldnt read more then 2 of his books. His writing was just way to boring for me.
In my mind i started seeing that he was just writing up filler text. The POW character you were following wouldnt take 3 steps in one direction and he would have written up 30 pages of text.
This just wasnt for me. There is a line between world building for me and just filler...

Lord of the rings books were much more on point which is why i loved them more.

Anyways... haha... My point is that there are various preferences between what each of us enjoys reading which applies to Steemit as well. I for one prefer the "to the point texts" and stories, even discussion and technical pieces.
Heavy hitting and to the point, instead of being spread thin like butter over too much bread. (wink wink)

I find it to be a bigger feat to compress your thoughts and ideas into a shorter format and still say what you needed to say. Shorter formats tend to have higher read-through rates imo and are more effective at spreading the message you wanted to share.
I have been guilty of just glancing over many texts i would have commented on, or actually liked. Glanced and picked up the core points.
Maybe novels arent the way to go in a low attention span culture? Maybe we should only write "novels" when it is an actual novel. haha

Few thought and a funny limerick for you:

The incredible Wizard of Oz,
Retired from his business becoz.
Due to up-to-date science,
To most of his clients,
He wasn't the Wizard he woz.

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Don't take it as short because meaningful says I'mean full talking always short because short things have huge meaning ...
nice concept and also a very good try to be a good content and to having a great post keep it up all the best for good work...

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