I would like to negotiate that the decline witness voting parameter gets invoked on the Steemit accounts, if that gets done voluntarily will be a huge show of faith.

Now this is something I agree with!

Hi @chrisrice

I've just visited your profile to check out if you posted anything interesting lately, just to realize that you didn't publish anything in a long while.
Hope youa are well and didn't give up on steemit yet.

Cheers, Piotr

You guys have to do something. I don't know when but I'm almost positive Justin will attempt some fuckery down the line and we will be caught with our pants down if the witnesses arent resolute and prepared.

I mean you heard Crim yesterday. "Everything is fine, it's all going to be good".

No it isn't if witnesses take the passive approach and don't prepare for the worst.
Justins interests aren't alligned with ours.
He wanted to turn Steem into a trc10 token and migrate us to a completely centralized chain he has absolute control over. Turn us into secondary citizens there.
You guys have to do something to prevent a take-over.

We aren't passive, we have convened in a neutral channel and are discussing contingencies to conserve the chain. We are first trying the diplomatic approach to see if Justin will disable witness voting on Steemit acquired accounts. This is easily done voluntarily via the cli wallet.

Well he just tweeted that Steemit owns Steem and that it's all moving to Tron.

How many times does he have to say it before people listen?

yes I responded to his tweet and approached Elizabeth of Steemit inc, we need a sitdown with him and his marketing team ASAP.

Yeah well get ready to fight for the exchanges.

Will do, hopefully Justin can be reasonable and was just misinformed by ned.