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Ok, so you bought some Steem and youre super happy. STEEM will hit 100 USD in 6 months, some say, and youre getting giggly just thinking about it. What some people might not tell you is that the STEEM blockchain, if youre not a quality creator that will be able to hunt down whales to support your content, you wont be able to earn much, if anything.
So heres a simple solution if you dont care about the stigma that comes with using bots and you want to make returns on your investment.

You use bots.

So when i started out this blog i had a bit more then 1100 STEEM liquid. Which would translate into 1000 SBD (more or less)
The conversion rate seems to be: 1 SBD for 1.175 STEEM on the open market.

So i was looking for a way to grow my blog, and at the same time make some STEEM. I was looking at 2 upvote selling services. @smartsteem and @minnowbooster..
The first one has a fixed ROI of 10% and no matter how much i bought there it was always around those numbers, though @therealwolf was nice enough to increase that to 15% for the last 2 days.

Minnowbooster on the other hand advertises as offering 10% ROI on whitelisted accounts (if im not mistaken) while only 5% on non-whitelisted ones. Thats the info i got from their page, and again i might be wrong about what they advertise. What i do know is the numbers i got while using their service.

Minnowbooster not only acts as a service for vote sellers, but it also sells votes for the @minnowbooster account.
And today i managed to catch those votes twice. They seem to upvote at a certain percentage of VP, 57% to be exact.
On those 2 upvotes i got a ROI of 20.01% and a ROI of 19% according to my calculations.

I cant be sure if that kind of ROI remains if someone else upvotes you from their roster so ill just be focusing on MB.

So i have this 1000SBD lying around and the first sight you would think it would be smart to just power up. (i Applaud those that do) but it seems that the incentives are broken here on STEEM blockchain so the returns are nearly as high.
Theres another way to power up more efficiently and thats through use of upvote services.. (not bid bots, those lose you money, most of the time)

The most important thing to remember is this:

never look at the $ sign next to you post. That means absolutely nothing. You shouldnt care about price fluctuations if you are long term investor because no matter how much STEEM/USD drops you still get the exact same STEEM/SP payout.

You want to increase your token accumulation.

So lets look at it.

Lets say you start with 1000 SBD. (SBD because SBD is the preferred payment on Minnowbooster)
Lets take a 2 month uploading time of 2 posts per day
Firstly. You dont want to upload junk content, and secondly you should probably avoid going to trending because trending should probably be for stuff people decided to see. Be responsible.
You just use Minnowbooster and you try to hit the MB account as much as possible. So lets see the best case scenario.

You get, lets say around 20% on an average payment of 15 SBD if youre lucky. 2 times a day. And this is the best case scenario from what ive seen.
Your per post estimated payout would be around 23.3$, at current price, math math math... your estimated payout is around after 25% curation is 10.4 STEEM and 10.9SP....

After 10 days of this youve spent 300 SBD and earned 208 STEEM and 218 SP.
So now youre left with 700 SBD + 177 SBD (the 208 STEEM you got back)
10 more days and now you have 400SBD + 177SBD + 177SBD plus another 218 SP (im just going to speed this up a bit...)
30days: 100SBD+177SBD+177SBD+177SBD (+654SP)
After 60 days you have 262 SBD and 1308SP...
+8 days you end up with 1482 SP and 24 SBD (worth in Steem)

So there you go. In a bit more then 2 months you made a 50% return on your investment and you didnt spam the
Trending page.

Now consider you are powering down in that time so you could use the STEEM to buy SBD after the 2 months pass. You could quadruple your Steem in the time until SMTs launch. Its really something to consider.

These numbers i provided arent exact but they are close to that.

Moral of the story is: "Figure it out" :D

PS:Gina shows false values. So it would take a bit more to get these kinds of returns but the math is mostly solid. Just keep on powering down and powering back up with Bots. This is basically the only way to maximize returns.

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Nice post

I've been playing with same two services myself the last few days.
For me I seem to make more from smartsteem for whatever reason.
Results may vary of course but its nice to have an alternate way to use my SP

Yes those services are also my favourites (minnowbooster and smartseem) but do not use them too much. Even I recently have too much work to blog here. But time will change.
My favourite service was but they going to shut down (about 25 days remain). I hope they find new investors and delegations!. They had best ROI.