This is what I'd like to know as well, I have the same amount of steem power but on a day where steem rose 4.something% in value my personal holdings went and dropped 30% losing about 100$ in value. Not to stoked on that, plus there was apparently a rise later on? I haven't seen my my valuation go back up though so.... I don't know what's going on.

You have to factor in dilution, as people who voted on your posts vote on others, the vote they gave you, dilutes.

The effects of this are felt less the more Steem Power you have, so a whale like @dantheman will dilute a lot slower than a newbie.


Hi. I'm new to steemit and I am not a coder / hacker by any means.
I am trying to figure out how to master Markdown, but so far I can not even figure out how to add a picture to a steemit post. Does anybody have any insight?

You can add an image with the following syntax:

![text to show](URL to your image)

![this is a test image](

Here is the image based on the code from above.
this is a test image

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Its gone down again, it was at 18 million

the value of my posts is still up though

Values on steemit use one-week weighted average price feeds, so changes may be smoothed and/or delayed.

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