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Steem API Explorer is a tool for testing Steem API calls. It is useful for developers but also for people who just want to see the raw blockchain data.


Select what method you want to call and get a set of changeable parameters. The result can be viewed either as formatted JSON, raw JSON or expandable tree.


Errors are output explicitly and can be tracked to the the relevant API method in Steem, for example database_api::get_account_references as shown below.


Get this post
Get account lantto
Get trending categories
Get number of Steem accounts
Get pending Steem Dollar to Steem conversions for lantto
Get blockchain config
Get blockchain variables such as total supply and latest block number
Get block number 3963025
Get account creation fee
Get witness roadscape


  • Use the arrow keys to quickly browse methods and see what parameters they take.
  • Your last query is contained in the URL in case you want to share it.


  • get_account_references is not working due to this.
  • get_best_categories, get_active_categories and get_recent_categories seem unused if you look at this and will always return empty results. get_trending_categories works though.
  • For get_transaction and get_witnesses I haven't figured out what input they require. If anyone knows please give me a shout!


  • Add the remaining methods
  • Add loading spinner for slow methods
  • Description of parameters
  • Sortable table view for list results

Built with


I would love to hear your feedback as I'm sure there are many ways to improve this.

If you like my tools, please give me a follow! @lantto


I like it .. no more curl just to see some data from the API! Good Job!

Man, this is huge. Which node does it use underneath? Yours? I hope such node can survive traffic and last forever :) This one, this.piston etc. Getting SBD for such work could secure finances for maintaining hardware and developing software. Great work, thank you.

Thanks a lot! I'm using so the traffic is load-balanced between several nodes. We should definitely support @xeroc and @jesta who provide it.

Great, @lantto answering you question about get_transaction, you put transaction tx as input, it works already:["cd378a9da6f087f40c8baeb3e533ed09cea7dabe"]
this gives data of transaction you used to create this article

Thank you! I need to go through the API and see what endpoints expose this ID and add it as documentation in the next version. Thanks again. :)

Hello lantto, we would like to inform you that you have been chosen as a featured author by the @robinhoodwhale initiave. We are currently in alpha testing, if you would like more info join robinhood chat on or pm @repholder.

Nice Tool - Keep on Steeming!

I saw you said Description of parameters, but if you added full information about each method, what is was for, as well as the parameters... this could turn into the goto source for API documentation.

We could also use one for wallet commands ;)

Thank you! That's a great idea and definitely something I should add in the next version. Right now some methods are pretty confusing.

Yeah, wallet commands through RPC is something I'm currently digging into (for another project) so we'll see what happens. :)

I like this!

This will make it a lot easier to find related posts.

I actually made a post about it; no links to related posts on the pages, and this kind of solves that ... I like it!

And it's good for SEO!

Steemit took of like a rocket in Google

and those extra link-backs will make it even better!

Wow! This was something I had totally wanted! Haha =D

Great work! I follow for you.

Thank you!

Wow, good job. I love how this community of developers is coming together.

now I can migrate my toys from the python console to the web :) great job!

That's cool. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

Hi, some error :(

Very cool, nice job!

Thank you! This awesome. I am writing a app for Steem and a tool like this comes in a handy when exploring API calls.

Has this been kept up to date with the latest hardforks?

does it still work? I get WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
created @ bundle.js:2
t._callHook @ vue.min.js:6
t._init @ vue.min.js:6
wi @ vue.min.js:7
(anonymous) @ bundle.js:2
e @ bundle.js:1
(anonymous) @ bundle.js:1
e @ bundle.js:1
(anonymous) @ bundle.js:1
(anonymous) @ bundle.js:1

Any chance to host the API through I just posted asking for an API to call as a node is too much for my VPS to handle. Also, none of the API calls are working for me on your site. Is it still working almost a year later?

Very useful tool, thank you!

Looks like the site is not up any more. Could you create an updated post so that we can make sure that this project gets some visibility and the funds might be able to get the site back up again?

The website doesn't work any more like most. This is why we need solid docs all in one place not like reading braille on legs of an ocean of octopus.

Hi @lantto,

Good tool !

I'm looking for an API that allows me to create content (POSTs). I have been reading the documentation and it seems that we can only retrieve information or just create a comments or up-vote.

I wonder if you could point me to some API that allows creating POST in



URL says it can't be reached

I am so happy you shared this. Came right on time

@lantto What happened to the api explorer?

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