The Old Dog Discovers: Steem is Famous as a Currency! I Was Recognized in Tenerife!

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Hey there fellow Steemers. I just got back from having a very cool experience. @lellabird60 and I were strolling along the boardwalk in Tenerife and two men that were passing us going in the opposite direction yelled out "Steemit, Steemit, I can't believe it!"

Ash was so excited to meet us that he was almost jumping out of his skin! The  Steemit gear that @lellabird60 is wearing was made by @airmatti. You can order them on line and pay in Steem or SBD. 

Explaining What Makes Steem so Good!

One of the young men Ash, told us that he loves the Steem token and that he's an investor but that he doesn't blog. I was able to explain to him about the superiority of the Graphene block chain and how Steemit has already done more than 1,000,000 transactions a day without even using 1% of its capacity! I also spoke to him about BitShares and and how these block chains use DPoS rather than PoW.  

After our little discussion we exchanged contact info and Ash said that he was going to buy more Steem as soon as he got home to Birmingham England! 

The Steem logo looks great against the ocean back drop!

I'll Be Wearing Steemit Gear For Much of This Holiday Let's See What Happens!

What About You?

  • Do You own any Steem gear?
  • If yes has as anyone ever stopped you because of it?
  • Would you like to own some?

I hope that you enjoyed this article entitled "Steem is Famous as a Currency! I Was Recognized in Tenerife!"

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

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That is so exciting !!! I wish I have the oppertunity to explain to strangers what steemit is , my friends I was able to explain to them and get them on , but famous Steem star , maybe one day

He didn’t recognise but just the Steem logo. That’s better. So cool that you could explain it!

I prefer to own Steem, not steem-gear )

I like having both! ;)

Hahaha nice man

Ooh how awesome is that! I don't own any Steem gear, though that shirt does look really nice! I created a few shirts, but nothing really special.

Hope you two have a great time over there! Certainly looks a lot more appealing than the cold over here :D

What fun it must have been to hear this voice calling from across the street!? GREAT!!!

I was given two pieces of garment: A classic black T-shirt "Steem Coffee" logo, from @onceuponatime, and a beautiful circular Steem logo necklace by

I still love this "old" logo much more than the new one and this is what I'll be wearing proudly and joyfully over the holidays as well. Thanks for the description of the powerful Steemit and Bitshares platforms, this empowers us all.

Namaste :)

P.S.: If you have more of these dress-up shirt, I'd take one, you look great, professional and relax at the same time! ;)

I definitely want to get my hands on some Steem gear - especially if it is designed by the famous @airmatti ! When I move back to China I might place an order if he will have time to make some more

I'm sure that you'd make them look great!

I like your shirt @kus-knee

Thanks. It is of the highest quality.

Good promotion, Nice you was there and enjoyed! So good STEEM is on a small Island known already 😉

Yes it was a nice experience!

steemit is growing in leaps and bound and the logo is becoming famous, soon steem will be among the top 10 cryptos and a means of exchange

I think that you're right!

Yes my dear friend @kus-knee ( the old dog)
Now steem day by day famous...specialy in my country...I'm always try promote steemit in my country...bcz...I'm realy know steem can change my future...
Wel done and perfect work my dear friend..
Good luck..

You're doing great @dini1

Steemit is finally getting its due share from the crypto market and it's well-deserved. On a lighter note, SBD high price is STEEMIT's way of taking revenge from crypto world for taking a lot of time to accept its worth as a coin. :D

Great post and this is a fantastic moment for you specially when Christmas is so close. So wishing you double delights. Merry Christmas dear @kus-knee.

Steem On!

I think that you hit the mail on the head!

In my next holiday I would wear a steem shirt.. I would love to talk to peopl who know what it is... Maybe we could make some beach towels with the steem logo.. lol

Beach towels......good idea!

I am full of good idea's, let me know if you need a quote for the cards..

The Steemit Community is growing more and more every day and I guess with the new registration feature we might see another huge spike soon. Not really surprising I guess as it´s just an awesome platform :)

Unfortunately I don´t own any steem gear yet but after your story I think I should finally get that one shirt I´ve been taking a glimpse on since weeks :D

What shirt did you see?

I´m thinking about the one below as it perfectly fits me :D Otherwise the classic white with a steem logo on the chest seems to be the more classy choice. Maybe I just need to get both in the end as I can´t decide :)

I like it!

In my world, SteemIt isn't that popular yet and so far I am the only one of the kind, lol..Or it could be I live in the closet :-(

Where is your world @icybc?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Metro Detroit, Michigan @kus-knee .I don't have friends that work online and too busy taking care of my dementia 92 mom who also just had a heart attack two months ago..She is in hospice at home!


Sorry to read about your mom. That's a tough situation. My mom died last year at 94 and @lellabird60 is now taking turns looking after her mother in her home.

I wish you the power beyond what is normal!

Steem can handle way more transaction than bitcoin and ethereum. Great looking T-shirt.

Yes it can handle just about any load!

that why i love feels like we are family...

Yes it dose give that feeling!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm gonna get a steemit bracelet (If I find one). Should look cool :d

I think that @papa-pepper had a few made in Mexico!

I take it Tenerife is as beautiful as I've heard (of course it can't compare with Arkansas)

Arkansas must be nice too!

I like it... I live here because of the people. I've lived all over the country and the best people I know are here. Ft. Smith is just the right size, it's big enough so you can get what you want at stores but not so big that there are traffic jams.

By the way- My fantasy hockey team is kicking serious butt!!! I'm 10-1 in first place. (I probably just jinxed myself bragging lol)

Everything related to steemit is amazing ..! I am very impressed with people who have the idea make steemit, hopefully steemit more successful.
I love steemit.

Things are on the rise!

From the post you made, I learned or learned something new that I did not know before. I'm a very good fan of you, I read all your posts. Your posts are very good to me, and so I hope we will be happy to post you for us. The information that you have on this post is very useful for many of us. So I hope your post will be very helpful for us.

thnx for share this post @kus-knee

Super fit

Me? Hmmm..... I wish!

excellent post dear friend @ kus-knee, which pleasant surprise go out and walk to meet someone from the platform.
unfortunately I am very few Argentines in Steemit, in my province of Corrientes I am the only one, that comes out and I find myself with someone from steemit here is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
next year compare my steemit teams to promote the platform more
I wish you a wonderful day

I will be ordering some Steem gear as a Christmas gift to myself! I wish I would have ordered in time for gifts for family and friends, too. They will make great birthday gifts as well. I wish you both a very Merry Christmas!

This gear would make for some good Christmas gifts.

While I am speaking of Christmas; Old Dog, you and @lellabird60 have a very Merry Christmas!!

Enjoy your family @gringalicious!

"Steemit steemit, I want to won it " I would like to replace with it, you are wonderful to present such a valuable message to the people my friend. Yes ,in every day our community has been expanding greatly, which is a very important message for optimism. Thanks, wish you Mary Christmas and a very Happy New Year

Wow, that's a fan moment? It feels very good when someone recognizes you that way. Also, this is a great way to promote steemit. Awesome job @kus-knee.

Fabulous one!!!

wow this is definitively something awesome to hear about that's really great to know :D

So great that you were recognized straight up as a Steemian and that you were able to get you "pitch" in about Steem and Bitshares, as well! Very nice picture!

That's very exciting! And, yes, I quite fancy a steem t-shirt.

Amazing post

I want an steem shirt

Hi, I'm also in Tenerife, would you like to meet up?

I have two different steem gears (t-shirts) and your post will make me wear it more often during my rv-tours next summer - it's a bit cold now for t-shirts 😉
Have a wonderful Christmas time, cool Old Dog!

Hahaha, what a great surprise! I don't have any Steem gear yet, but i immediately want one! At least a T-shirt! Maybe i paint it with my own hand, because i used to paint T-shirts if i have orders.

congratulations to buy steem, your thoughts are good.

You know everyone... haha. Very nice!

wow, i dont own steem gear for now and hope to buy some in future! this is awesome. thanks for sharing

That is so fun!!! Thanks for sharing that great story! I don't have any Steem gear. I may have to do something about that!

What a cool encounter!

Laugh in the face of so called "randomness!"

Cool looking swag!

it's such a small world isn't it?
thanks to that logo :) and the shirt

have fun with the bird Old Dawg!

Haha!!! Bellissima esperienza!
Grazie ancora dell'orologio ;-) Merci!

I can't believe it! Great! Thanks a lot for mentioning my post and have happy holidays! (Weather looks good down there since you're going around in t-shirts! :D)

Life is interesting isn’t it? What a powerful connection you two made because of a Steemit shirt. New friends everywhere. Now maybe Ash will join us here on the block chain. Best to you both.

Wow. Awesome experience indeed. So magic of steem is discussing on streets. Great news for all of us steem family keep sharimg @kus-knee

This is cool, I only have a few stickers printed:

I have also one on the back of my phone. A few people have asked me what these are about, but sadly no one was interested enough to learn more about steemit. Where I live most people don't trust cryptos yet :(

I'm not surprised at all that this guy recognized you:)) Steemit became very popular and i'm sure that in less than 1 year our great community will be famous in the whole world!!!
I wish you and your amazing wife to spend a very great time there. Have fun and enjoy the ocean:))

It's fine! Of course I want too!

Tenerife. That's nice! And that last photo, very challenging on flipflops :p
So funny that you got to talk about steemit like this. I hope you will stay as active as you've been during 2018. Good to have you here. Merry christmas!

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