Is SteemPower and Steem the Brainchild for a Basic Income?

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  • Does Steem and SteemPower already mirror the UBI model proposed by @dantheman?
  • Is this a continuation of development and natural evolution for Steem and SteemPower that signals a foretelling shift in human society?
  • Or was this an idea that was already envisioned at the outset, and is now being brought forth as the platform progressed?
  • Or is it a mix of both perhaps?

In the end, I don't know. I'm asking questions, providing some information, and giving my own understanding as well. I do know that the original vision and creation of Steem was/is revolutionary. Whether Dan is a visionary and created it this way, knowing about a future of automation and AI with a likely UBI outcome, or if he "only" envisioned and designed it as we know it, the result is the same: a revolutionary decentralized model for social cooperative integration.

And I'm talking about both Steem itself, and if UBI is possible to be implemented, they are both revolutionary new models. This is the take away, whether Dan really wants to create UBI from Steem, or not, the point is that this possibility can be done going forward as a freer more decentralized society that incorporates AI and automation.

Recent Statements

In the past few days, @dantheman has made some posts on Basic Income, Universal Basic Income, or UBI. This is a controversial, heated and often emotional topic for many who have attachments to prior ideas. Hearing about UBI draws automatic conclusions about it's inviability, and further resentment on those who propose it.

Dan said:

"Inalienable Property Rights
What if everyone held a share of the means of production, but they were unable to sell this share?"

When I read that in the first post from @dantheman, I immediately thought of SteemPower.

And then:

"It would be like everyone earning interest on money in the bank, but being unable to spend the principle."

SteemPower is a essentially having a share, which gives us Voting Power in Steemit. SteemPower was at first (and still is for now) implemented with a partially locked-in design, at 104 withdrawals to eventually liquidate the SteemPower in an account. So as the Basic Income says, being unable to sell this share.

@inertia had a good post today on how to implement a basic income token per market of society called "Basic Income is Just the Tip of the Iceberg".

This is a great idea from @inertia following the line of thinking of @dantheman's recent posts.

We can do investment in a platform with potential for use, or productivity to create something for society. Like Steem.

We can also do investment programs that do the same, but for society. Programs as in cooperative projects people can get funding for, and return investment to the funders, as a way to start these programs now, on a blockchain, even without UBI being implemented. And in the end, the long term, possibly UBI gets implemented with the automation that comes as well.

These are ideas about how we can progress in a positive way forward as a society.

Dan 5 months ago...

To tie this into what Dan has previously said...

This is what Dan had to say about himself in a post 5 months ago. I took some select passages relating to the vision he had for creating Steem:

"I learned that "inflation" isn't theft if it is done to compensate those who bring value."

"These new values are based on the premise that everyone who brings value deserves a share. They include the idea that the value of the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts. They include the concept of not charging anyone who participates in our community, but rewarding everyone. They include the concept of long-term commitment rather than get-rich quick."

"Going forward I hope to leverage the work here with Steem to build markets, insurance, mutural-aid societies, and justice systems that empower our community to disempower government."

Dan 4 months ago...

In a later post, 4 months ago entitled "Steemit's Evil Plan for Cryptocurrency World Domination", further elucidation of his vision was provided:

"bootstrapping a currency... is just a trojan horse... hiding the vegetables (honest money) in the food (fun content)."

1- Stable Currency - Steem Dollar... "backed 20 to 1 by Steem, a growing community of bloggers"... "earn it" ... "posting rewards are for"

2- Marketplace ... "buy and sell goods and services" ... "needs .. 1. People 2. Money" ... "Steemit is ... environment that is ripe for a rich market place where people can exchange real goods and services along with their ideas"

3- Sidechains, Smart Contracts and SmartCoins ... "highly functional currency, a robust community and market place, and lots of content to bring in new users, you are ready to start building robust smart contracts and side chains" ... "Steem will have no fees" ... "app developers can build things that just aren’t viable elsewhere"

"The road is long."

The WhitePaper further says:

"Furthermore, Steem only allows members to vote with STEEM when it is committed to a multi-year vesting schedule."

and further:

"Start up companies require long-term capital commitment. Those who invest their money in a startup expect to wait years before they can sell their shares and realize their profits."

This again points to the recent UBI idea proposed by Dan, of a share, that you don't sell, and it earns you interest. The original goal of holding and preventing mass liquidity that would have destroyed Steem was explicitly stated in the WhitPaper. But, there is also the stirring image of a better future where this emphasis on holding an invstment for future gains is applied to UBI, as @dantheman has recently explained as a possibility with BIC and BIT.

The develpoment of Steemit may be part of a larger plan by @dantheman to change the world. Or maybe it's a natural outflow from Dan's personal learning and vision for a better humanity.

Either way, Dan had a great vision with Steem and Steemit, and still has a vision going forward with Steem, Steemit, and possibly other aspects of society like UBI. Remember, this is all part of the plan for Steem world domination ;) It's not evil world domination, it's a good kind hehehe.

What do you think? Is UBI part of the orignal Steem world domination plan? Or is it just a next step realization that aligns perfectly with Dan's previous vision and direction for Steem? Maybe @dantheman wants to chime in and share some of his insights about his past and future visions for Steem and Steemit?

I think the community really wants to know a plan of sorts for where Dan and Ned want to go, or see Steem or Steemit going.

Thanks for reading. Peace.

[Image: 1]

[References: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]

Earlier post from today: "Basic Income is a fantasy through socialized theft, it sucks, the end. Or is it?"

2016-11-13, 7:02pm

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I and several others asked Dan on different occasions if his basic income models could be applied to steemit or steem and his answer was that it would need to be a different cryptocurrency every single time...


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, maybe I didn't make it explicitly clear enough. I wasn't necessarily saying to use Steem itself, but more the idea of Steem and how it shifts right into Dan's ideas for UBI. It's a brainchild for future developments that it already uses.

By adding value you get STEEM and STEEM POWER (SP). SP is like invested value. Whereas the more SP you accumulate by adding / investing vale. The more STEEM you get and influence you have.

This appears a step above a Basic Income idea. As one would not have to invest for such or get more. As basic income should be basic. But this amount? would be different for every individual in every group as every individual has different needs in different environments.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, maybe I didn't make it explicitly clear enough. I wasn't necessarily saying to use Steem itself, but more the idea of Steem and how it shifts right into Dan's ideas for UBI. It's a brainchild for future developments that it already uses.


Understood, was just mentioning a different angle of how such ideas are possibly reflected in steem to some level as you had.


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STEEM Island is the final goal.

You might think I'm joking.. But I'll bet you a whole STEEM Dollar we've got our own island to inhabit with a refined basic income system in place within the next decade. :D


I bet 1.001 1.000 $D!


I think we're confusing wagering with auction?

rofl. In which case.. 1.002 $D


Damned, you account for inflation in the bet.... Amazing! :)


steem island hmm would that be a liberland type endeavour or more along the lines of the venus project.


No idea. Not even sure if it is the final plan just speculation on my part. :D


it's fun to dream about though.

Your last sentence is the most important. I don't know why, but I have a deep feeling that Dan and Ned have different vision for future. But hey, what do I know. I'm just silly old guy, lost on steemit.


A different vision from each other?


Yes, but I have no reason to believe this. Just feeling.

I use to be against basic income and even posted about it on Steemit in early days.


Alrighty, thanks, I guess that clears up the position of having secretly incorporated it into the Steem vision vs. a new development that aligns with the existing features and functionality of Steem. Thanks for that clarification. Some people irrationally think you're being corrupted by other people as a reason to explain why you are posting about UBI... LOL. I see this as your own progression of understanding, not someone feeding you BS like others claim. Peace.

I don't think steem is the cryptocurrency to address a basic income (Check out @williambanks recent series of posts outlining the viva project he has been working on for a few years to get an idea on how such a currency could work). But I do think it could be a vital stepping stone on the way to realising it.


Indeed. I was more addressing the idea of holding, saving, investing and interest tying into the UBI aspect, and it being a sort of "brinichild" to his new ideas. I read those posts, they were good. Thanks for sharing.

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I like the philosophy, the ideas but I'm not sure it's the right timing to attract investors and new users.


LOL. On that point, you may be very accurate. But it's not something I was thinking of either, ah well.


I know and agree with you but it feels good to say it!

You may find this of interest from @williambanks - it was just posted yesterday.


Yup I read the first two. Thanks ;)

The whole idea that you can't sell SP quickly seems a little too entrenched for my liking.
You can sell your whole account.
You can't sell a portion of your SP quickly, that's true, but if you want to cash out entirely, you can do it in an instant.

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Great write up!
Thanks for sharing