Is steem still alive?

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anybody home?

Maybe it will be more peaceful now.

Any stats on what users are doing?


I'm curious about that too. Let's see if it gets any better.

"Is steem still alive?"


"Any stats on what users are doing?"

Sure. Most of them are creating posts. They focus on their own posts. They do not care about other people's posts. Nowadays thousands of Steem blockchain posts are being created every day (9-10 000 on average), but the average number of comments per post is only 2-3 on the Steem blockchain, and most of those comments are bot comments.

Nowadays the real human interaction is rare on the Steem blockchain. This will probably stay this way. The Steem blockchain is doomed by its own users.

what you think about hive? don't tell me that same words wouldn't apply? ;)

The same (or rather even worse) is true for the Hive blockchain: Hive Statistics – 2020.03.21.

i am alive ;-)

we - hardcore loyal steemians - are still around :)

I am here each day and continue to curate. ;)

Lots of fun yet to come I think.

Hello my friend, I´m sure it will be more peaceful... I´m not posting something yet to test it, but I think it can work well @knircky

My steem feed is busier than my Hive feed actually.

Why do you have to be so selfish and greedy that you upvote your own one sentence comment about your Steem feed?

Because I will have a bot randomly downvote me and make my comment invisible.

STEEM is most certainly not dead so far. @steemhunt seems to be sticking with STEEM and they are the best non-game DAPP we have IMO. @steemmonsters is also sticking around at least for the short term. I contacted to @dike devs on Discord. They don't have any plans to move either. Justin Sun has a great investment in his hands if he can stop shooting himself in the foot like a moron.

If you want detailed in-depth statistics on the two blockchains, check out the daily posts from @penguinpablo
Hope this will help!

I´m still here.

Dear @knircky, i hope someone we know will move out from here and let us be peaceful posting as before...:)))