Congrats to Steem and Steemit

in steem •  9 months ago

Last night I witnessed how the steem blockchain was down for the first time since i joined over two years ago.

First off it was great to see how steem has been so stable over the years with many succesful hf upgrades.

Yesterday however the blockchain halted. This was quite scary, however a fix was released quickly and this morning after I woke up everything worked amoothly.

@ned ans the steemit team did a fantastic job making sure everything runs smoothly.

Great Job everyone!

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I read somewhere that there will be a report about this. Is that out yet?

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Im gad to see it back up in less than 12 hours, i was quite scared that it was over. Now we know we have a reliable tea on top of us.

really good to see how quickly they reacted and fixed the problem.


Really good to see
How quickly they reacted
And fixed the problem.

                 - tsnaks

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It sure scared me too. Nothing makes me more anxious than a site being down.. especially in the crypto field.

@ned really reassured us of their commitment to keeping steem running. Ihope they release a post saying what happened,it would be interesting to know what caused the downtime. Maybe it was some SMT compatibility construction happening !

I think the fall was about 1 hour at least last night that was what I noticed and they fixed the problem really fast

They fixed it so quick, if there were no posts like this one or their blog entry, I wouldn‘t even have known about it :D


Yes, it was fixed so quick
I noticed the issue earlier today


Yes, it was fixed so
Quick I noticed the issue
Earlier today

                 - mickyscofield

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@ned is super awesome
Steem has come to stay

It's really something so many successful HF upgrades and many more to come making Steem blockchain ready for masses.

I was surprised yesterday too.
I'll follow you.

So happy that steem has started regainging its value.

I was reluctant to sell my SBD because the value was very low.

Yeah it’s quite impressive how well witnesses and the devs can come together when needed.

Resteemed it . Thanks
Dear @knircky ,
You have a new follower . :-)

A lot of people lost a lot of money and those you are praising created the problem themselves. They do not deserve " a job well done."

Steemit was also down a few month ago.
That was not the first time

hey man - sometimes you just need a patch in the #software - site does tend to fun slow-