Steemit Won the Noonies - Social Network of the Year!

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( A screencap from showing us winning the "Noonies" )

Good news everyone! Seems that our efforts to win's "Noonies" Social Network of the Year Award have resulted in us completely winning the competition! This could be a pretty big boost in hype for our lovely blockchain, perhaps exposing potential new users and investors to our community.

Oddly enough though, the site seems to be accusing us of using fake voting somehow and has a big nasty red banner above the announcement.. I know personally I only voted once.. as with many others I know.. Does anyone have any info on these supposed "fake votes" they are claiming or..?


While the whole "fake voting" discredit smear kind of sucks in a way, I'm not sure any of us actually did any such things in order to deserve being accused of fake voting. I mean if you did, whatever, comment below about how you did it.. But overall regardless of the "fake voting" this is a pretty awesome accomplishment.

I'll perhaps contact them and inquire why or how they reckon fake voting was involved, see if I can clear this stuff up for us. Anyways ladies and lads, we won it. By more than 1000 votes to boot! Very nice!

( a borat .gif celebration )

Great Work, Fellow Steemsters!

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Fake Votes? I call bullshit by them. lol

I've sent em an email asking why they are calling fake votes on this.. Will update if I get a reply. :)

It could be because some people were using proxies/vpns to cast multiple votes? Maybe they have some way to check that and there were too many of those? That's my best guess. I used to put ads on websites I owned and sometimes they wouldn't pay me for percentages of my clicks and such because they were people on vpns. Just a thought. It's unfortunate that there is a dispute about this though. If anything, being able to be paid for being on social media as an average every day person, not just an "influencer" or some shit.... should make steem number one to begin with. Man, too many people still need to wake up. lol :)

Could be something along these lines. Likely. Still no response from hackermoon.

Does matter because we know that each vote is very value and Steemit is on the top. Win is Win everywhere.

Don’t worry if you don’t receive the email as a response @klye..

Those accusations as fake votes sounds as a selfish person and it is pretty sure that Steemit is better than others ...!!!

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Yeah, not sure what is going on there.
No reply from them as of yet. Oh well, we'll see I guess.

I saw someone comment under @theycallmedan post about this how the voting relies on a simple browser cookie mechanism, and he was going to go off on this 'exploit'

I'm sure some 'double voting' did occur... but what can you expect... make your system to be okay with than and? On a hacker site of all things...

I didn't realize their mechanism was cookie based.. Perhaps @theycallmedan has extra info on this and if it was him..?

I don't think it was him, he made a new post saying he was going to email them asking if they could subtract the fake votes to get rid of that big red message on their page... so I don't think it was him. Probably a few people did this thinking they'd be doing steem(it) a favour but now it just doesn't look all that amazing - not that they had any way of knowing. If you have a system that can be gamed, people are going to game it...

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I voted only once,if result seems to be oddly fake,then hackermoon doesn't have a good voting system. They're kind of fake too...

Saem, only voted once here too.

lol, not sure if they are fake..

This is bullshit man, I voted 17 times and not one of them was fake?!

Uhhh.. lmfao.

Well, I guess we blame meesterboom for all this guys. XD

this held your balls and captured your eyes
Steemit today and forever....... L.Ron Hubbard would be on Steemit

lol. He likely would, yes.

It's great! Finally we show that we are together and we are community!

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Yeah man. Glad we won the competition.

Does anyone have any info on these supposed "fake votes" they are claiming or..?

Let's blame it on the Russians and call it NoonieGate.

lol. Too easy to blame the Russians. :D

...Great news, man!!!...but they really accuse us for fake votes!!????...i voted once, that’s for sure...seems like voting in Russia or turkey...if the opposition wins, they cancel everything cause of fake votes...hmmm, we have to be strong now, steemians...meanwhile..up..follow you...resteemed...heads up!!

Yeah, still waiting back on their reasoning for calling fake votes.. We shall see.

Thanks for the resteem!

..they should understand that there also existing ‚honest‘ social networks better user of these...we want the first place!..thank you for your efforts!..

Great news! We are in the right way :)

It is really good news. :)

Noooooo. D:

I rescind... It's baked news

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Nice win indeed!

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nice work but that sucks!

Aye laddy.

Maybe they detected a VPN user that voted @klye but only 4,000 voted from steemm @klye

Only 1 of thems votes is mine.. :D

Although it is a good news, we should have hundreds of thousands of votes, since there are over 1 mln steem accounts. Your thoughts?

We've got millions of accounts.. However most are either in cryostatis, inactive, or bots.

I am new to steemit and learning the beauty of it 😀. Following you have to learn a lot ❤❤

Steem is a long learning process, with all sorts of twisty changes along the road. Welcome to Steemit!

I mean you can vote again easily by just reloading the page. Very unreliable

Was it really that easy to do...?!

Fake voting? Hell na.

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Aye, seems a bit off.

Cant they just accept it? Steemit rules!

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These sorts of polls are never scientific and are always subject to bots or people using VPN's or multiple devices. The warning banner seems a bit excessive when they just could have said, "this poll is unscientific and is therefore anecdotal".

Would be a good thing to explain it that way.

I voted once, how's the fake vote possible

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No idea! Contacted them via email to see what they say!

I voted only once 🙄 fake votes?

Yeah man.. I emailed them. Will post here when I get a response.

Thanks for voting!

So we are not only numerous but also smart.. we are the best, Steem is the best.

I agree captain!


Aye laddy. BoomShakalaka indeed.

Absolutley amazing. And clear cut.

Aye, I'm glad we won it. Trying to get down to the bottom of this fake voting thing though.

Fake voting? Maybe they used VPN

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Could be a possibility!

At least we won it.

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Wow, Good one!!!!

At last we are win...

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Lol 😂! I voted only once also.

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I only voted once from every country on earth. That’s ok right?

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@klue. Yay! We did it!
I just feel 10,000 votes would have been so much better.
Only 4020 of steemians voted.
But for whatever it's worth, we did it and that's what matters!
Blessings to all.

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Congrats is a very little word for this.

!Great! With everyone's support Steemit took first place !!! Let's go for more: 3

Fake votes! Is it possible? I don´think so!

fake votes? I thought Trump used all those lol

Good post

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Fake votes? Cheating? Bwahahahahahha. Lossers' reason.😂😂 a lost is a lost, a win is a win, after the battle the Victor is the righteous.😂
We don't cheat anyway, its just that STEEMians are concern about steemit compare to the other social media that the users just use their

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I don't think that there were as many fake votes as implied.

Referencing facts about YouTube's vote count is irrelevant; YouTube does not have the community that Steemit does. In addition, Steemit users are exceptionally driven to create awareness. I'm not saying that YouTubers don't benefit from brand awareness but I believe that many of those persons view that platform as having created a strong brand identity already.

Also- many YouTubers are pissed at the changes in the revenue chain. Perhaps they've had enough of the big corporate bs?

I'm not saying that some votes aren't "fake", I just will not back down when I say that Steemit won with or without a few cookie deleters.

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que felicidad, eso es realmente genial. La comunidad crece cada día más.

No one would vote this the best social network. You know it's all lies. lol

You are adults people but are doing some sort of nonsense. It is unlikely that the final result will respond to Steem or its price.

lol damn those bot right internet is evolved this days so much we dont know what is real and what is fake in internet anymore

Glad we made it!
Tho I still dont get it why they still smear us with that nasty red box disclaimer. smh

Thanks for the post.

Yay for steemit, now let’s see the price go up a little or a lot!

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While the whole "fake voting" discredit smear kind of sucks in a way, I'm not sure any of us actually did any such things in order to deserve being accused of fake voting.

Told you not to use your gazillion alts.

I guess we can blame wehmoen for now. XD

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