Got a Sweet STEEM Item in the Mail Before I Moved!

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It's got to be said that nothing makes me happier than representing our STEEM network any way I can. Saw a sweet toque over at an online STEEM merchandise shop and couldn't resist rocking it for the incoming Canadian winter. Generally wear toques or beanies as they call them south of the border year round, mostly to keep my hair out of my face...

Grabbed it from The Steemit Shop for about $50 CAD of STEEM
(Express Shipping was 50% cost, Damn expensive but worth it!)

Of course I'd sort of forgotten what I'd bought and the mail coming in suprised me a bunch.. My facial expression was something similar to the picture of myself seen below:


Then I'd ripped into the package, exposing the sweet STEEM merch:


W00t! Now I can not freeze my ears off this winter AND rock our networks logo at the same time.. Of course KLYE being himself decided to snap some some more shots of this beauty in order to share with you all on here. Glamour shots of the sexiest Canadian witness:


And of course had to take a dapper selfy for my STEEM crew to enjoy the sexyness that has been had! Excuse my ugly mug and giant nose of course..

I realize I've got a beak on me... lol


I'll be rocking this toque for the foreseeable future. Even if I am a sketchy skinny white boy I represent our network and her people, wherever I go! Be it with my 2 sexy custom STEEM rings or my new kick ass new toque.. All of the above more than likely. Cheers all!

Go grab yourselves some merch at The Steemit Shop ya hosers!

Thanks for Reading! Have a Gooder!

@KLYE for Witness
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Thanks for the review and for being one of our first customers @klye!
Be sure to follow @thesteemitshop for lot's of exciting new stuff in the near future!


Thanks for supplying the place to get this sweet stuff!


@klye I just made my first withdraw from the steem faucet and I received the email confirmation and everything but I don't know where it went because its not in my steemit wallet. Am I missing something? Your response would be greatly appreciated. Or is no follow through a thing for witnesses?? Second time I've asked now


Have you got the withdrawal/order # by chance? Just tested it out and it worked fine.. However do appreciate the feedback and heads up, if it's broke we'll get er fixed here shortly.


Order #3061

haha - didn't even know your hair was so long. yeah! :D

Looking good!

The Steemit Shop

Loving the idea of a steem store. Have to pay off bills first but would make shopping so much easier.

Don't worry about a beak, it just means you'll always know which way you're walking


I don't worry about it really.. But if you can't joke at yourself half the point of life is missed I reckon! :P

Looking good with your toque @klye. Enjoy!


Thank you sir. I reckon it should be good head garb for the winter inbound!


Yeah, that's awesome. Looking good with a purpose. :)

Whattt that is so nice , great for the coming season. I'd definitely like one . Your fascist expression was nice 😂😂


It is pretty fancy, Even for my tastes!

My fascist expression.. LOL! I believe the word you are looking for may be facial.. Fascist is related to fascism which is defined as a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce, that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.

Definition from google.


I'm so sorry I meant to write facial expression 😐😐

History 101 complete


fascism which is defined as a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce, that came to prominence in Klye's face.

Rock on man! Looks awesome with those rings. I hope one day you can get a jacket or something with your Klye image on it and steemit name!


A leather STEEM jacket would make my year! Can't imagine it would be cheap though. Custom stuff always carries that little bit higher price tag she seems!

Selfie game so strong!! Have your purchased steemit shirts too?


Not yet! Kind of got rushed moved over the past week so might grab some more now that I have an address I can mail goods to again.. Really should get myself some though.


Finally getting settled in, moving can be a hassle. I wonder which shirt color you will end up. Keep us in the loop!

sweet man! Looks good, gotta get all the steem merch


Might have to pick up a sweater here or hoodie eventually... Need more advertising for the network!

Cool. I wonder how much does it cost to have that hat ship here in philippines.


I've no idea sir! Shipping was expensive up to Canada because I believe I'd rush shipped it.

Hi @klye, nice one with the logo of steem, I like this much. Your way of advertising and the idea came in your mind is wonderful.


Huge fan of wearing the STEEM logo at all times on my rings. Now I can wear it on my head. :)

waiit! Shipping cost is too expensive ... woow, anyway nice stuff :)


Shipping was basically more than the toque! hahahahaha

Hahaha toque. I didnt know what you were talking about until you called it a beanie. Never knew you upstairs neighbors called them that.


Indeed! Never realized that wasn't a common term. I guess each culture and country has their own slang for things.

That's a very good head covering. you look very happy here. thanks for sharing @klye


A bit happier these days.. It's been a series of trials and tribulations the past little bit but things seem to be going upwards. Take the good days as they come, weather the bad days and keep on rollin'


Thank you very much for replying to my comment 😊 friend

SweeT, that actually looks pretty stylish!

Gona go check out steemshop now.

UPDATE: so the Mug, Towel and Phone case are pretty bomb eh... That's what's missing in my life... steemit swag. what a revelation lol

The Canadian winter is coming! Looks like a good thing to have!

Maybe we are related -- you should see my beak broseph.

Well, maybe you have in the few posts I have managed to get up here or there, with my photos in and all.


That's a pretty cool hat. I might needed to check out that store..

Really nice hat! I'll need one.

good post

Thanks for your work as well! Followed @klye

Heck ya!!
Steemit gear!!
I am going to get me one of those beanies!

Stunning my man! And I like the beanie too, lmfao! But I really do like that and being in the process of growing my hair out, I will need a few even past this winter.


Bahahah. Well played sir, well played. The awkward in between stages when growing your hair out kinda suck but once you get past the pageboy look of yesteryear your man mane shall have glorious flow! Although we can only pray to have hair sexy as our CEO Ned.


It's rough right now and especially because I have to wear a hat at work, terrible. It'll be worth it in the long run for the glorious man mane! You are correct, one can hope but one should never fell impedant if they fail short of Ned's flowing locks.

Now that is outstanding old son! You really rock that watchcap!

Really going to be good to be warm this winter with your great new STEEMIT Watchcap and you will have plenty for firewood as well, since STEEM is going to the Moon.

Thank you for your post. Gave me a chuckle. Also thank you for your upvote on my post The Traits Of A Leader...

Have a great week and STEEM ON brother!

Nice hat! And thank you for introducing me to thesteemitshop.