STEEM / Steem Dollar Integration SUCCESS! (Adoption News!)

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We're finally on!

Around 35 minutes prior to submitting this post I'd received word from the administrator that both STEEM and SBD are now fully integrated on their well known payment gateway! This is a MASSIVE step towards further adoption and acceptance of our currency, community and network on a global scale.

For those unaware of what is... It's a payment processing gateway currently run on over 65,000 stores across the internet. They allow their users to accept over 50 different types of popular crypto currency. Now with SBD as well as STEEM!

All it Takes is ONE Person To Change The Game

The task of raising funds, contacting and gathering the information required by them to get STEEM / SBD listed on their service was taken upon myself roughly a month ago and was the initial goal I had set out for myself when I'd begun dreaming of becoming a STEEM witness. While admittedly it did take longer than expected I'm extremely excited to report this news and to have had this opportunity to help the STEEM network grow as an entity as it's help me grow as a person. I've got plenty more great things planned in the future to help our network grow. This is just the beginning.

Rise to the Challenge

While hanging out on SteemSpeak Radio run by @ fyrstikken during an interview there when the CEO of Steemit inc. @ned was on I got a chance to ask him what he was looking for in witnesses supported by the company, his response summed up was something along the lines of "We're looking for the movers and shakers, people bringing value and helping STEEM grow". I can not think of anything better than this news of easy acceptance of SBD and STEEM on 100,000's of thousands of current and future web stores to be anything more than the embodiment of his response.

To @dantheman @ned @roadscape and any other of the STEEM architects and visionaries:

Thanks for making STEEM & the world a better place.

Please consider a witness vote for klye - STEEM is a full time job for me, it's success ours.

Go Set Up a STEEM / SBD Store Today!

It's encouraged that EVERYONE wishing to sell goods or services go out and start a store accepting STEEM and SBD as payment methods. Anyone currently running a Wordpress / Woocommerced based site should also consider adding the Payment Gateway Plugin to their site as well in order to reap the benefits of being able to accept multiple types of crypto currency on their websites.

Technical Data

As detailed above it will take 30 confirms or blocks after your SBD or STEEM are transferred before Coinpayments will consider the transaction complete. With 3 second block times that means the average transaction will confirm in only 1 and a half minutes... WOW. Compared to the average 10 minutes plus block times of Bitcoin this is amazing fast and not to mention secure. I'll write a post some time tommorow outlining how to add to your Wordpress powered site to allow you to accept Steem Dollars / STEEM for any good or service you can imagine!

Please Vote @klye for Witness!

While Upvotes on this post are cool.. A witness vote is way better!
Voting for me to be witness is fast, easy and completed on the page linked below:

It takes < 5 seconds to click the link above, scroll down to the bottom and upvote klye. <3

As of now I'm currently ranked around #48 on the list and now show up in the top 50!
You can vote for me easily by scrolling to the bottom of the page and upvoting klye:

Thank you for your votes and support!

Please ReSteem this by clicking the button below.

It was actually my 28th birthday yesterday.. but seems some gifts came a day late. Woot!

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Tested and it is working! :) Thanks a lot . Now accepting Bitcoins, Steems and Stemm$ in my small shop, need to change the banner. You can see it here in action (it is in spanish but there is a translate button at the top)


Glad to see my efforts being implemented so fast. :D

Was waiting this since some time now. And it means a lot for the Steemit social network, the currencies and for the community as well... They are a lot of merchants in Coinpayments! :)
Btw I have already voted you as a witness, as we say in Cuba "I was clear what good is"

Thank you for the witness vote sir.

@juanmiguelsalas That's awesome dude! I'm trying to gather up examples of business accepting steem and SBD for this project I'm working on. I've bookmarked your site!

Thanks @williambanks ! :) Im trying to upload more things to the shop... so much work so less time as usual ;)

WONDERFUL. congrats. And thank you very much.

No problem man. Thanks for the support. :)

Awesome work @klye. !
Upvoted and resteemed!

Thank you williamsbanks

yeah ! SBD & Steem is listed on "Supported Coins" Page. Thank you @klye :D

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Yep. You're welcome. I'm excited too!

I get things done. Now to move onto other projects including STEEM and get more good things rolling. :)

STEEM and the community thanks you for all the great work you do!

You're welcome. I also saw your witness vote for me! Thank you very much sir.

Every witness vote helps me move up the ranks. Much appreciate your continued support.

Hmm.. but you have had mine since two weeks ago! See?.. one of the firsts..

Not sure if I'd formally thanked you for it though. Perhaps I had.
Either way highly appreciated. <3

Ah I see. Yes, it's all good! =D

One step at a time to greatness

Indeed. This is great news for STEEM. :)


Hahahaha. Neat picture.

Wow, this is amazing. Great job Kyle!!

Cheers man. Very excited to break this news. Huge step for our community.

This is indeed huge and great progress for the Steemit Community!
I am so grateful for your hard work and dedication to making this a reality!
I have been converting my web sites to accept Steem$ already for a couple weeks as well as over 20 different items on PeerHub, but this makes it even easier!
Congratulations to you and to all the Steemit Community for this major upgrade!
Steem ON!

Level up indeed!

This makes it 1000% easier for folks to accept SBD & STEEM everywhere. :D

Well not everywhere but a LOT MORE now!
An upgrade of which is only just the beginning!

Awesome news mate..well done:)

It is exciting. :)

Everyday it seems that Steemit has more and more Steam behind it, thanks for the update.

No problem! Glad to be able to help!

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well done mate and happy bday too :)

Thank you webdeals for the birthday wishes. :)

This is one big step for STEEM and SBD acceptance. Good job @klye !!!

Appreciate the encouragement. :)

Great work @klye, witness vote incoming.

Much appreciated harand. The witness votes mean the most to me personally.

I feel I've accomplished a fair amount here so far.. However still tons of stuff planned to secure my top 19 witness spot. :)

Congrats on getting in the top 50!

Thank you brian! It's been a fair chunk of work and time so far but the top 19 is in sight now!

Awesome! Good work!

Cheers Arcange