Poloniex Holds Cash Until You Do KYC

in steem •  5 months ago

Despite many promises of never putting hands on funds of users since some days people with legacy account were writing that their funds are locked until they give their IDs.

Since Polo is one of STEEM exchanges you may be one of those hurt..


But on the other hand if you are my loyal reader you should be out of Poloniex since a year as ive quit it exactly may 2017 then you should see..
and just laugh!

Today Poloniex confirmed, if you dont pass KYC you can not withdrawal anything.

So if you have money there and even dont care of KYC you are still in trouble peopel report it takes a month and Polo itself speaks of 2 weeks.


Where i suggest trading?

All checked with big deposits and withdrawals, no issues so far.

  • Binance - the obvious top vol exchange, has STEEM
  • KuCoin - i would call it younger brother of Binance with many NEO and ETH pairs
  • BiBox - amazing China exchange, similar to other two above with different coins
  • CoinExchange - many ETH tokens and anon coins like ZEC XZC EXCL
  • COSS - many deals on ETH tokens for arbitrages
  • Cryptopia - some decent coins that others dont have and nice volumes
  • OpenLedger - decentralized exchange build on BTS, the older brother of STEEM

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This is not surprising. This will be the future of all centralized exchanges. They have to know their customers to not get shut down by governments. Just like regular bank accounts or brokerage accounts.

If you use centralized exchanges and do not want to provide KYC you should remove your funds now.

Poloniex Enforced KYC and Limited Accounts to $2,000 Withdrawals.
Poloniex has started enforcing its new KYC policies announced backed in December, even blocking some users accounts. Some of the Reddit community have expressed their dismay while others support the new changes.Poloniex has recently started blocking accounts which have not complied with their new KYC policies. While this isn’t surprising news — Coinbase has had KYC policies from the beginning, — some users are still holding onto the ‘decentralized, anonymous’ dream.Users agree this has been in the pipeline ever since Circle acquired Poloniex last year. Circle’s focus has been on consumer protection and self-regulation from its inception, so they’re just doing what they do best.

i `m not happy at all

I think when Polo was bought by mainstream bankers, that was a good time for all to get out of it. Although I have account on it but I have never thankfully used. Frankly Between Binance, Bittrex and Bitfinex, never really felt the need to.

Glad to see the good word being spread........

What a joke. Poloniex should be boycotted until the site releases the funds being held hostage.

Legacy account means..how much BTC you must have to be there?

Shocking! Goldman Sachs found a legal way to steal money.

Dont forget about IDEX ! They list coins before ANYONE

That's true they should have all retreat when the orange light was still on, but I have to ask, is there no measure that can be taken against this platform, many have lost and are still loosing and that is no where close to good.

I also join the #polonix airdrop many days ago thanks for the information

I started out on Polo but really don't go there much any longer. I had a few issues to many and switched over to Binance. I am really glad I did.

I've done some steps already given below. I only need a few minutes to receive confirmation.

I’m very glad I started following you, because you post is really good

humm... I have been using polo for a while. I really feel displaced and unimportant because they did not ask anything of me.

Polo has been awful for well over a year now. I am still waiting for tickets to be answered from months ago regarding lost Steem (which they say errors on withdrawal and I never received). I would not touch them again.

YIKES, thank you for that info. that as a Poloniex balance holder I was unaware of.

When I came to launder my $2000, the money laundry laughted in my face and kicked me out. It's freaking ridiculous, $0 withdrawal limits are unacceptable, at least lower it to $100 maybe. EOS comming tomorrow will start the real cryptocurrency revolution, free from centalized exchanges.