Rabbit Waste Disposal Problem Solved

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Necessity is the mother of invention I was taught in primary school and had to keep memorizing it because it might be one of the questions they’ll ask in our first school leaving certificate exams. I didn’t think much then what it meant I just had to know it to pass. Lol. As I grew older the means began to make sense to me because I had to apply it in my daily life.

The Problem


I practice rabbit farming using an indoor hall facility for many reasons some of which is to protect the rabbits from predators, intense sunlight and heavy rainfall. While all that is great it then comes with it its’ own challenge top of which is waste disposal. I did a great job constructing a good waste disposal mechanism under the rabbit chamber that make their waste fall on the zinc contraption under and then into a pipe which finally goes into a waste container. The challenge however, is that the zinc keeps getting rusted after some time due to continuous washing of the zinc to remove waste from it and this has been building up cost for me.

The Solution


As simple as the solution is, it never crossed my mind for one day all these while. Nylon, yes nylon sheet is the solution we have introduced to solve the problem. We lay the nylon sheet on the zinc and all we need do is carry it away when it is full, throw away the waste in the dump area we crated for it, wash the nylon and put it back, finito. Lol. To implement this we have to wash all the zinc however to remove the waste already there so that we start anew and that may take the whole of this week to complete..

In Conclusion

In life, not every solution has to be complicated or high-tech, some solutions are basic stuff even a kindergarten can solve if you can only humble yourself and ask. Lol. Life is really simple we are the ones that make it complicated.

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