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RE: Who created Steemjet, the world's first automatic blockchain charity?

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I greet you Grandmaster boss @dimimp, boss @god I write to ask for your support to fund me in STEEM to purchase the materials required for the success of STEEMJET ART CLASS PROJECT.

The project is aimed at bringing interested pupil both young and old together and teach them from scratch with the knowledge of traditional art, with this idea handy, it will be very easy going further into the digital knowledge of art where they will be introduced to the application of program features to do their sketching, shading and painting. I intend to use STEEMJET as the platform to teach people who are willing to learn creative art with my knowledge of digital and traditional methods that I am very conversant with and each lectures would always be covered in other to bring our activities to the forum as report and also for the benefits of any other art minded individuals that are yet to discover themselves . I can only accomplish this project if you can, out of your generosity help me achieve my target by funding me in STEEM

Here are some materials needed for the project and prices in steem

Wacom intuos pro=350steem
Traditional art materials (all sums)=300STEEM
under above I have drawing boards,artist brush sets, artist paints, colored pencils, graphite pencil, hard and soft pastels, charcoal pencils, HB pencil etc
Cam for coverage=80STEEM
class room=178STEEM

waiting on your response sir
Boss @dimimp and or boss @god
Thanks in anticipation