Ouch this is going to hurt the Open Source Community

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In news overnight Microsoft has confirmed they have reached an agreement to purchase GitHub for $7.5 Billion in stocks. Wow!

And I'm sure this digs deep into the heart of every Open Source Community, who typically have avoided the corporate giant until now.

Microsoft suggests it'll be status quo and business as usual, but when you spend $7.5 Billion on an acquisition you can be sure, they're already thinking of ways to monetize the platform further.

Maybe we'll start to see ads on the Github, or maybe Bing will be incorporated into the Github search function, or even worse still perhaps the open source community will have to start paying rent for their projects.

Of course, Microsoft isn't about to lay their cards on the table until this deal has closed later in the year.

But the message on the Github Blog suggests it's going to be a Bright Future.

Yes, @defunkt I'm sure you're pleased with flipping the company, and your new role at Microsoft.

However, I'm sure the Open Source Community will see it differently and start voting with their feet, taking their repositories with them. Here are some Github Alternatives you can already start using today.

And now I'm also wondering if the Github will continue to be the main repository for @utopian-io or if they are considering opening up access to other repositories as they gain momentum?

Or maybe the team at @utopian-io can find a way to launch their own code repository platform and really become the one stop shop for Open Source Projects well into the future.

Is this the right time to disrupt GitHUB and bring it onto the blockchain in one form or another?

I'm imagining a Github style code repository where you get a small reward for committing code and contributing to the projects, of course, it would also be powered by STEEM.

And isn't this what #Utopian-io already does already in a not so fluent way?

Perhaps the GitHUB acquisition isn't such a bad idea after all. Maybe they've just opened the door for a forward-thinking platform like Utopian.io to open their own code repository and make a real ripple in this pond.

But one thing's for sure, the time to pivot is now!

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Gah, it was bound to happen. It's a waste of Microsoft's money though. I see someone recreating it on Blockchain sooner than later. In this new world ain't nobody going to pay for something that was free.


Yeah, I doubt the Open Source community will react favourably.

I may not have any kind of programming knowledge, but all I see here is them selling out as they merge into and strengthen the Microsoft monopoly.


Yep, it's a total sell out, and probably a bad investment on Microsoft's part. Only time will tell.

Skype has gone to shitter after the Microsoft "improvements" , best of luck to Github though !!