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RE: Hop a Steemjet to Steem Fest prize results - dimimp the jackass contest results

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above is a proof from steemworld dat keeps accurate time record of time of comment.

pls edit your post sir ..i commented an hour earlier than @geyzee



wow, I'm not just an ass, but a dumbass as well !

you are right, fixed it, thanks!

steemjet-records 1.jpg

Good day sir I just submitted my entry for steemjet music logo contest. I just wanted to reminded you about a previous work of mine

I know you have a lot on your plate and you might have forgotten about it . I understand we are all human here is the logo I did and you liked itScreenshot_20180830-120900.png

but I was hoping you were gonna support me but I guess to many things came into play at the moment so please sir would really appreciate it if you can look into it.

not a bad effort, but our graphics are very commpetitive!

Thank you

Good sir @dimimp. I know you can forget what you said. I have been waiting for response.
This is @viviansteem
@Euguma have said he want to work with, you hire me
Here is he comment and yours
I want to happily told you, that I have hook up with @euguma as you said earlier and he love to work with, he said, I quote “he needs my assistants ”
Sir I am waiting for your response and next step.

Thanks for your attention.

He makes the clothes and you model! you are both amazing talents!

Thank you boss, I hope you get to see the ideas I submitted on our behalf as you requested...

Waiting to know your take...

Despite, you have not hire me, see my contribution in steemjet.
Hire me for the next step.

Thanks boss, waiting for your next response.

And boss don't forget my, hiring next step

@dimimp This is my jackass entry
Hope to hear from you soon sir✌
688px-Donkey_penis copy.jpg

not bad, but this contest was over very fast!

Okay sir,thanks.
I will be glad if you show me little appriciation.
I also want to go to Poland (STEEMFEST) and am sure you can do this for me,it will be a great experience for me to be there with the choosing one's and also travling is part of education ,please let me shear out of the grace sir.
Do this for me from your kind heart sir.
Thanks for your understanding and thanks for being there at all time.
God bless.

Good day boss @dimimp
This is my own design for the jackass


Please boss hire me, still you have not and I am participating in steemjet contests

not bad but this contest was over fast!

Good day boss @dimimp
Here I am with a short HD musical video
I made this so short, because I don't have enough cash to produce full one.

SIR kindly look into this and fund me with #1000steem, I promise to bring you best of it kind.

Thanks for your understanding, Sir.

But, I have post mine before the end of this contest, sir. Because I can't contest for end time contest

Moreover, I post it when you say is for the newbies

hi boss Dimimp am applying for a space in on Space Force 6 as a logo designer. I've followed through your supportive and contributory effort towards making sure that creativity discovered will not only be admired but promoted and sponsored. i made some logos for steemjet contest even though most times they got expired before you would get to see them. currently on the steeemjet records contest going on, i made some generic logos of which i would like you to see and criticize as i would gladly make corrections where necessary.


Apart from logo designing am also a fashion designer who is interested in creative solving aiming at solving clothing needs in large scale (as i have already made a market survey through questionnaires in my state capital and realised that most of private school are in need of a supplier of bulk already-made supply of school wears ). i don't only design but also make the designs (sew) with locally made fabric for male. i'll hope to present more of my works to you on subsequent comment. Here are the few logos i made. Thank you in anticipation

we have too many graphic artists on the space force already, we need musicians and producers

You know you've got me when it comes to music video production.
Would love a promotion to the spaceforce 1 or 2 though, still in sf7.

Thanks @dimimp for putting my friend @joshuaedoja back

thanks alot @etemi😚😚😚

I am on target to pay you in 7 or 14 days! I am powering down as fast as possible

Thanks for correcting the mix up boss man! @dimimp

Find time to check out our new banging jam! I did one for the road

you can post the song in my blog, it rocks!

thanks alot sir @dimimp😊😊😊

i almost had a heart attack😯😯😯😯

Please don't have heart attack. Boss will surely fix it as he said.

lol...i wont o

not anymore😂😂😂

@dimimp the only boss we Nigerians know I created logo intro for your great project which is steemjet record logo intro or reveal

not bad, but wait until we choose our logo!


Hello boss @dimimp accept my entrys..... here is my entry.....








great stuff as usual aleex, but this contest was over quick!

My entry for @dimimp jackass contest


Luck to all the contestants!

not bad, but a little late, this contest went fast!

Hi @dimimp I am a graphic designer and I am very poor .Sir I really need a job. Here is my entry for steemjet records logo contest .I hope you like .






not bad, not great either

Hi @dimimp I am a graphic designer and I am very poor .Sir I really need a job. Here is my entry for steemjet records logo contest .I hope you like .






keep trying but stop posting so much

eyah sorry eh i hope he see its pray for grace ma gee .lool

thanks man

ihope he does

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