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In business , presentation or even blogging just like the one we do on this platform it seems difficult to always bring out the cutting edge which will definitely sell you as a content creator comedy truth is that so many people have been established because they've been known to be quality content creators in the past and when you see them with contents that are not up to par they always tend to be forgiven because the really do not need to prove themselves as good content creators anymore but the truth is that sometimes they create content common you create content and I create content and most of these times the rights topic of one's contents doesn't just stick in common sometimes that killer headline it's no longer there that little teaser which flirts with people in order to get them open your contents is no longer there and as the days goes by the engagement of contents keep reducing and reducing but the truth is that sometimes we can feel that we are no longer up there when it comes to producing killer headlines for our content but sometimes there's nothing we can do about it.

The truth is that votes are important but engagement and feedback are fulfilling and for someone who have a secondary and primary purpose of content creating the definitely would love to see feedback as much as they get votes for their contents. Sometimes it could be a psychological thing in the sense that when your mindset is not in the game or your total concentration and vibe seems to be channel or divided into other things this is something else to you know as much as there is a psychological feedback about the prices these days there is always going to be a distraction when it comes to content especially when you have a dismissive opinion that the content you are creating is really not valuable or relevant so so deeply so deeply so deeply all these are factors that definitely make good content creators definitely look ordinary and as much as we want to accredit it to something sometimes it is even much more bigger than you know when a writer is lacking motivation then there will be an underlying mood or tone in his expression, sentences and even punctuation marks this is not selfishness or greediness but the truth is that the human ability to do more is psyched on how motivated they are.

Not to overly-ramble, these days I found myself in a bit of conundrum not being able to get asleep and sometimes when I do it seems I really do not have an original subject matter but just contents based on ramble and sentimentality and even though I wouldn't accredit it to lack of motivation I will definitely say I've been going through some emotional trauma definitely off the platform which has reduced my mental sharpness making me create content based on my emotions instead of based on quality or based on what is enjoyable or sellable or definitely what people want to see comma when you look around you will also notice that people are producing content based on the prices this is because they are now sentimental making them lose a cutting-edge because sometimes producing content based on sentiment can you believe the original narrative thereby leaving you flabbergasted about how shitty your content looks or sounds. In other words I'm working hard to get to my best and definitely I should be back very soon, so the thing is that that killer headline or topic will come just that you have to free yourself of all encumbrances and this also involves taking away your mind from things that will get you emotionally or take your foot off the pedal

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True content creators value Feedback and engagement more than the votes

I might consider stop creating content and create only comments


Well I'd definitely love you to continue content creating really, because if we have less a content creator then feedbacks may become overrated really, it's like a trade by barter sir, thank you for the awesome input too

You got a resteem :-)


Thank you a million

Yeah true, something like writer's block...

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Definitely, sometimes it lingers and makes us unable

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