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RE: Normie Talk - New Steemit Wallet Change | How Does It Work Now?

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this is pretty much a must read for everyone.

appreciate the normie talk! it helps the ‘rest of us’ :)

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Thank you! I’m a big fan of “normie talk” as well as breaking things down in easy to understand, easy to follow ways. If I can do that for Steem stuff, I’m all for it! Thanks for the support 🤗

I cant fucking believe @steemitblog actually resteemed your Boot Licking post

Instead of actually asking why they are so incompetent you just kiss ass, disgusting! You LIED all over the wallet post by the way, you LIE and say a posting key is fine for a wallet page, when NO , if a user isnt adept like me and already using vessel, or had copies of their active key, they are fucked!

Also you cant even click BACK ion the new wallet page, its terrible

Why is someone like you with barely any SP being used when steemit should HIRE A FULL TIME person to actually make these posts? WTF is @ned even doing? Just using volunteers? Interns? WTF is wrong with @ned and @steemitblog you LOCKED OUT all the users without technical knowledge

and here you are with a post acting like theres NO PROBLEM with a fucking PDF with your keys on it in plane text un encrypted..... fucking joke right?

You realize your post is just pushing for people to ACCEPT this incompetence, acting like its OUR fault? "Breath?" how condescending..

Ned should be the one breathing because hes going to be without any investors soon

@ackza: Do you still have your master password? The one that is generally given to new accounts? With it you can get your other keys, either by downloading the PDF, or, if you don't want to download the PDF, you can also see your other keys at (Permissions)

You realize your post is just pushing for people to ACCEPT this incompetence, acting like its OUR fault? "Breath?" how condescending..

Pretty sure my post just explains, with screenshots, how the new wallet set up works. Are you reading another post perhaps?

I see you don't use the steemitwallet (as you said) so maybe since you haven't done it yourself you are still a bit confused. I hear there is a post for that.

Why is someone like you with barely any SP being used when steemit should HIRE A FULL TIME person to actually make these posts?

ummmm because this is a blogging platform and I made a blog about an issue many were confused about. Ned, steemit or anyone else didn't ask me to do so, or pay me to do so. I am only paid through the rewards on this post... that I made under my own complete free will because I felt it would be helpful.

Thanks for the usual amazing feedback, as well as always jumping on a top comment and upvoting yourself. Thank the Steem gods we have "adept users" like you here to make it all clear for us.

Here is a tip; Go try the wallet if you are going to speak about how it works.. as if you have not even experienced it.. screaming like a wild banchie about what it does just makes you look like a fool.

I don't agree on how @ackza replied up there, you just tried to help and made a post. He is angry with steemit and scream all out here and offended you for no reason.
But I undertand why he is so mad. I always could access my keys throught the wallet, so I thought, on my lack of knowledge, that my keys were ok, if I needed I could just look up there. And then all of a sudden, I couldn't access it anymore. I was really really lucky because on my cel phone I could still access it and then I wrote all my keys on a paper. So i could recover my account. But if the person, with the same problem as me, didn't have his account on the cel phone or something like that, he lost his account forever. So, yes, a lot of people is really mad, and lost his/her account forever.
I think this move, the way it was implemented, was really bad for steemit and its users.


Here are your ENGAGE tokens!

To view or trade ENGAGE go to

Damn man. This comment is on fire! haha. Is it really that bad? I mean the worst thing about the wallet i see is that i have to open the wallet just to see my balance. Thats annoying. They could have left everything where it was and just create a new icon for the wallet.. The old wallet would show the balance and would be non interactive. Opening a new tab every time is damn annoying.
The other thing is that the font doesnt match. haha
Nothing to get this mad about... lol
I dont get it how everyone without technical knowledge is locked out? You mean everyone that never saved any of their keys?
Its hard for me to feel bad for those folks. Cant they just open saved passwords and copy it?

Great article there. I don't think I could write it any better myself. I will resteem this so my followers can learn about these new Steemit changes if they haven't yet.

Just in case someone out there didn't get this info:

If you only have your 'old password' (from now on known as the Master Password or Master Key), you can get ALL your other keys by going to this URL:

It will ask you for your username and your master password, and when done, it will show you all your keys: Posting, Active, Memo, Owner. Right now you need the Posting and Active ones, but its probably a good idea to write down the owner key in paper somewhere.

Trying to log in into Steemit with the master password should probably give you the option to get your other keys too, either as PDF or by sending you to the mentioned URL.

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