Being An Ambassador For STEEM Means...Promoting It, Everywhere!

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If you are as excited about STEEM as I am, you more than likely have talked about it around your social media networks...

The first step to introduce people to the blockchain usually begins with me telling people they can be 'paid' for creating and curating content.

This seems to attract the most attention and creates curiosity for anyone I'm describing STEEM to. One social media, a simple GIF or banner does the trick or if you are into email marketing like I am a few broadcasts to your lists can bring people to my latest blog post...

We seem to have a wealth of tools and examples we can share but what happens offline??

How do we share our passion and enthusiasm for STEEM with people we know and meet offline?

I had that opportunity gifted to me this morning...

It's story time..... :)

I was eating breakfast this morning with a few of my lifelong friends. It's rare that we get to spend time together these days so we try to catch up with everything we're doing with work and family during these times...

The question came up...

"Jon, we see you talking about this STEEM thing all the time on Facebook and Twitter...What is it?"

And off I went...

I started talking about the basics...What the blockchain is, comparing it to bitcoin but also stressing the importance of it's social media component.

We then started to talk about the finances...And showing them what STEEM Power was, why we wanted more of it and what we could do with it...

This always gets their attention!

I share with them stories of the power and potential of decentralized apps and what it means when interacting with the STEEM blockchain...

After a few more minutes of discussion I brought out my phone and showed them the @partiko app....This is when they really got excited...

"Yes" I tell them....

"That app is in the App store and Google play!"

And they curiosity level is at about a 10 now...

At the end of the breakfast (which was pretty good I must say) I had 3 new people signed up for the blockchain and should hopefully get their accounts soon.

This means being a FULL product of your product and showing them the HUGE potential. But also, YOUR passion!

If people can see you actually using the blockchain and they feel your passion about it, they become ULTRA curious!

So here's a tip I learned from @nathanmars and that is...Talk and show off this STEEM stuff...EVERYWHERE!

Not only in social media (which we should regardless) but also with people you know and meet every day. Everyone is involved in social media in one form or another and almost everyone is intrigued by the investment potential of crypto!

Share with them WHY this blockchain is so amazing and you will have lifelong fans (and friends) here on STEEM!

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Amazing job. Glad Partiko helped.

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Oh it’s brilliant. Nothing better than showing people in real time. They were hooked when I showed them how we could interact with the blockchain. it was awesome.

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I am big steemiverse fan and i pitch steemit All the time hell I even enroled the kids. But in a group off friends after My pitch is often that I See that the quit friendnot a real blogger takes on the challange and starts and There always Will be critics but I dont care I was one off the early birds I Will say in 10 years !!


absolutely :) we’re just getting started. and oh ya. the shirt ripping is important to me lolol

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Important things go first 😂

Ps i love the animation of you in a ripped shirt 😉

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Ah yes... sounds like network marketing... Have passion about what your doing... meeting with a few friends... sharing the product. :) My point is no matter what we do if we are no sharing with others then why are we doing it? Great tools makes it easier!


agreed. and having an app like partiko allowed me to show steem off in action. was perfect.

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yep... works every time! :)

I agree Jon just hope with the hard fork it will be easier and faster for folks to get an account


absolutely. it’s game on then.

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I totally agree with you, Jon. And I post it on Facebook and Twitter. And after a private talk, one of my friends joined steemit. As he is a journalist in pension and I hope he will start soon.


that’s awesome. that’s what will spread steem to the world. grassroots movements.

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Wow, this really great, you did it so easy!!
Like a Steem is the part of your life.
Yes, I will do that too!


a very. very big part of my life :)

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Hey Jon Are you having fun in TO. I shared this post on Twitter. I will start talking about steem

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Thanks for sharing that piece of advice @jomgolson I have started sharing Steemit with offline friends and I have one friend that just signed up.