Upex surpasses 2.7 million SP delegated!

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The largest upvote service on Steemit passes 2.7 million SP in terms of total SP delegated

In case you are not aware, a new upvote service showed up roughly 2 months ago and changed the upvote delegation game on Steemit.

The service is called @upex and they offer 20x upvote value for those that delegate to the service.

Starting with very little SP, the service has seen steady growth to now having 2.7 million SP delegated:


(Source: https://steemworld.org/@upex)

This service would become extremely valuable if/when SBDs start printing again as STEEM gets closer and closer to the print rate price, which is roughly $.255 in STEEM price.

Since SBDs are trading for roughly $3 per token, users would receive roughly 3x the USD dollar value for the liquid portion of their posts if they are doing 50/50 payouts.

And during bullish periods we have seen SBDs go well above $3 per coin, so you can do the math and see how valuable a service like @upex could be.

Some of the specifics of the service...

  • Offers 20x upvote value
  • Pays over-delegation rewards if they can't match your full upvote
  • Gives one upvote starting over at midnight UTC each day

In order to delegate, go to steemworld.org(https://steemworld.org/@upex) and click the delegations tab and type in @upex.

More info on how to do that can be seen here:


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