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RE: Steem.Supply Update: Displaying SBD / STEEM Payouts Breakdown

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I loveeee this update!!! Just voted you as one of my witness because of this. Lol Thank you very much!
As for minor criticisms, maybe capitalize the letter T and P?

total potential* author** payout: 4.59 SBD + 3.94 STEEM + 6.04 Steem Power (SBD printing rate: 49%)

Total Potential Author Payout? and put the (SBD printing rate: 49%)"below it, not on the side :)

Also, it looks like potential Steem Power reward is no longer visible on the main page. Have to click the link first to see all three potential rewards(SBD, Steem and Steem Power)



What do you mean by " potential Steem Power reward is no longer visible on the main page". It's there... Can you make a screenshot?

I was referring to this one:

2018-07-08 19.13.21.png

It used to be potential SBD and SP reward, with the new update it's now SBD and Steem. No more SP

But nvm, clicking the "toggle usd/stu display" displays all three.

Yes, that's the intended behavior, when you're in USD display, you're seeing only liquid rewards (SBD, or SBD + STEEM). If you want to switch to platofrm denominated currencies, including Steem Power, you have to toggle that button, as you cleverly discovered :)

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