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RE: So, "What's Going on Again" in Crypto?! Here's a Simple Answer

in #steem5 years ago

This is a very insightful and intelligent article, no one really knows where bitcoin is going, it's new for all of us. The more we understand it, the more we realize it's a really big deal for the world and it's going to bring major beneficial changes to many industries. STEEM has an amazing use case and the potential for new applications is out of this world. It certainly is exciting to be alive and involved in all of these shenanigans!


I agree Great explanation of a number of things and also optimistic!

Jeff, once Steemit breaks through into the fiat world including the 3rd, world and the business sector thanks to SMTs, things should start to happen. Please just make sure you hold some STEEM so you can share in the gain! Stay well!

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