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RE: So, "What's Going on Again" in Crypto?! Here's a Simple Answer

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Ah, thx Brian, some good info in here for everyone. I've been struggling when trying to concisely explain STEEM/Steemit to ppl who have zero concept of Cryptos & from reading this, I have a little better handle on the concise part lol. I wasn't doing too badly it seems

I particularly enjoyed this tid bit:

"The wonderfully UNIQUE feature of Steemit is its reward pool and the ability for Steemians to earn an income in Steem Dollars (convertible into STEEM or Steem Power then eventually Bitcoin and cash if so desired) by posting, up-voting original content and curating content. And further, when it’s realized by the masses outside the crypto world that the Steem Dollar rewards are generated, not from the cash in our pockets, but by our active participation on and the design of the platform itself, it evokes a tantalizing, almost universal appeal."


Hey Jay... thanks. But the play here for you, Dan and me in my opinion is to invest as much time and effort as possible and get as much STEEM as we can with the rewards we earn. STEEMIT’s tipping point may be close. We will get an indication soon of when. A key element is the Smart Media Token (SMT). It’s an enterprise (business) play and today that was confirmed. Global Blockchain Technologies - a public company - is investing 20M into the Steem platform partnering with With the release soon of SMT, communities (very N.B.), effortless onboarding, mobile and now Oracles and Oracle QA’s we should see some movement upward in Steem value. The key to the success of STEEM will be how well and quickly it can penetrate and involve the third world? Mobile there should be big... Asia, India, Africa. There you go, for what it’s worth. Ha!

Indeed Brian, SMT is gona be huge and I'm already trying to accumulate as much STEEM as possible. Just picked up a bit today actually.

You've become quite the Steem expert these past few weeks, I like it ;)

BTW Dan may or may not swing by on his way back to Loo, hopefully we'll get some time to have a post SF coffee or beer and convo, or at least let's do that sometime in the next little bit eh.

This is all seemingly good news my friend. It looks like some things are coming together finally & I'm pretty excited to see the results !

Hopefully all of our "Steem dreams" can benefit from the upcoming events !

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