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RE: How the Steem account recovery works (and why your trustee can't steal your account)

in #steem4 years ago

You can also change your password online then use the account recovery in 30 days to restore it back using your first password. That will demonstrate the feature without the command line. Great job to include the CLI, this is very interesting to show this too. I always use a test account though if I'm playing with this.


The user was on the verge of just creating a second account anyway, and said they were happy to let me experiment with their account.

Might have been better to use an actual testing account, but oh well, the process went smoothly, and I successfully recovered their account, so there's no losses there :)

I didn't bother explaining the online recovery in detail, because that's just not very interesting. This is for anyone who operates any sort-of service that creates accounts, or as of HF14, simply acting as an independent trustee.

Thanks for checking out my posts James!

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