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RE: User Retention: This is Our Community

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I see no problem with low retention rates. The get-rich-quick crowd burns out. The spammers get flagged into oblivion. The bots fade. Meanwhile, the core of content creators who stick with it are the ones who will build Steemit into something serious. Keep the wheat and let the chaff blow away on its own.

Our real struggle is finding the minnows who will become new content creators.


I think we just really need to find them.
The biggest problems now is the tending page.
Thousands of minnows with good content but no visibility.

My suggestion is if there is a way we can organize a platform for each niche to get the attention of the minnows with quality post maybe through contest etc.
Or what do you think?

We need to find a way to end the bid bot distortion of curation, or at least encourage people to read more minniw posts.

The best solution I have found is to encourage minnows to make substantive comments. I meet new users to support when they write comments on my own posts.

Resteeming can also be a powerful tool when used judiciously. Someone who has a reputation as a content creator in theirbown right who occasionally resteems something interesting by another user gets more attention from me than all the "resteeming services" combined.