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RE: Hop a Steemjet to Steem Fest prize results - dimimp the jackass contest results

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After reading this i was left with tears of joy in my eyes feeling so greatfulf and fulfilled with your words.
I actually used my 30minutes to read and understand you with the new rules on you post and comment I am a regular offender of spamming on your post but I apologize and I am really sorry because I always want you to see my comment and contribution on you post.

Speaking of the steem fest I surely know and I believe as an sf6 member that I can do a lot of thing in my life with 500 steem that can change my life.
500 steem will not be Enough in Nigeria to process our going and staying to the steem fest but I will appreciate the 500 steem if it is given to me for the production of my new song for steemjet.
I have made several request and plead to be given steem to help me produce my music.

Speaking of my carrier as a civil engineer I have always work hard everyday by day I always seek and pray to God to give me knowledge and wisdom I would appreciate 500 steem to invest in cryptocurrency LTC, EOS to be precise.

Pls sir click this link to watch and listern to my song need help to produce it.
This is the song I made I need 400 steem to produce it

My entry



everybody got unmuted to get a second chance, now we can focus on our task at hand

Hi @dimimp I am a graphic designer and I am very poor .Sir I really need a job. Here is my entry for steemjet records logo contest .I hope you like .






not bad, but the competition is really tough

steemjet-records 1.jpg

Good day sir I just submitted my entry for steemjet music logo contest. I just wanted to reminded you about a previous work of mine

I know you have a lot on your plate and you might have forgotten about it . I understand we are all human here is the logo I did and you liked itScreenshot_20180830-120900.png

but I was hoping you were gonna support me but I guess to many things came into play at the moment so please sir would really appreciate it if you can look into it.

Gooday sir! We are psyched that you are hiring us to the force. We have tried and tried to get a response from you before even as far back as the beginning of the space forces but because of the clustering arrays of comment, to no avail. Thanks so much for this.


congratulations, I put you on the force today!

Since I can't make it to poland, I humbly wish to remind you of the Cash out I requested in your previous posts. This is to enable me fund some projects that I'm handling.

Thanks for all your support so far @dimimp

you are cashed out!

I am coming to poland for the steemfest but i need about 300$(around 400steem)to add to my money to pay for the flight ticket from germany to poland...
I will really be forever happy if you can fund me with the amount of steem that i am requesting from you ,for me to be able to come to steemfest because this like a life time opportunity to know more about cryptocurrency and also to see you in person(lol).

Since i am the only chef around i decided to make this meme for you hope i will win too.

My submission for the blind date am parting too.


Helo boss please can you put me on the STEEM fest list in case STEEM rises?

ok, but the steem price is down to 75 cents right now! ouch!

hi,its angellina , i really need your help.i am a single mom of five kids ,it been a while since i posted an article on steemit and it because of some challenges that i have been facing for the past 4months and i have been work hard to provide for family but alright now things are not working as they where before ,thats i am here seeking support for my family.
i did be glad if you can support my family with some steem(any amount will be appreciated)..i am really sorry for any inconvenience i have cost you, please bare with me i am just doing this for my kids ,i don't want them to lack anything ...
below is an introduction post i did on steem for the past 9months

thanks sir ,i will be waiting for your reply

Boss, I really appreciate this, thanks alot.


Sir @dimimp beautiful morning, please i am not still convinced that you #mute @owaniofficial and i @ikemsamuel because we have been commenting on your blogs trying to remind you your promise so that we can start work, because of no laptop to do work again we're not participating in any of your contact because they're graphics work and is been done with laptop.
After your agreement to help us with our proposal so that we can get new laptop and start our own work in all your contest and also our videos which you have said definitely you will carry us along after #WorldCupPrice and we're still hoping on you #Sir our #Boss @dimimp

everyone is unmuted now

Ok Sir, thanks a lot.. Still waiting for you feed back on your comment here:Screenshot_20180911-114158.png... Hope to see you in it Sir..

Thanks for you sir..

Very interesting

Dimimp yes I don't feel like attending steemfest, as I'm a student in the university earnestly busy with my studies.


but I need a steem bath, you promised me that. But I think you should check out this initiative by @steemjetdrops

♨Steemjetdrops♨ 20180822_095730.jpg

On the wings of superstars we teach airdrop in cryptocurrency language.

Written by me, @ubongj @ungest @enolife.

just sent you 30 steem!


Thanks.. I appreciate the bath.


my steemjetrecords logo entry

Design steps in gif:

Logo post

Hi @dimimp this is the perfect time to remind you of the song me and my crew produce.
I told you it has all the ingredient needed to party party party Like no other song ever produce on steemjet records.
What do you say @dimimp let's party with this Jam

[listen from Dsound](!/@macspeaks/20180816t140959832z-steemjet-groove)

listen from source

just promoted you!

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