I just powered up another 1600+ STEEM!!

in #steem7 months ago


That's 10,000 STEEM in two weeks! I'm here to stay and support this revolutionary technology. Steemit was the first of its kind and the pioneer that has paved the way for many new facets you see on the blockchain. I've been apart of this ecosystem for so long that I don't think I could part it. I was within the first 150,000 users to join Steemit.

CHEERS! To all of the people that has this platforms back; regardless of who owns it.

Subscribe to my youtube channel and let me know in the comments to receive a vote from me! Thanks in advance!



Thanks for supporting @se-witness with your witness vote. Heres a free vote!

You're doing great in your accumulation of SP! Soon you'll be an Orca when you hit 50K.

I see you started in March 2017. I was here in June 2016 before we could even move our STEEM reward tokens, they were just numbers on a screen until July 4, 2016. Then their price went from a quarter to 4 dollars in a week! We were #3 on Coinmarketcap. Everyone felt rich. :)

Thanks for your excellent post which got me reminiscing about the early days :)

Thanks man! I'm glad you're someone that can appreciate the journey from the beginning. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a wall on here.

I had no idea you were here before me! We were super early adopters. And here we are still kickin! Hahaha It would be super nice to have some more spikes up into the dollars again.

I noticed you reside in Charlotte, I was just there last summer. I reside in KY and VA both. I live in both half and half.

It's been quite the journey!

Before we hit dollars, I think everyone will be happy when we go back over around 25 cents which I have heard is the threshold to start printing SBD for the reward pool again. Getting those over-valued SBDs again will make people happy and excited around here again!

Ya, we're fairly close. I was in KY 2 summers ago for a vacay. There's a lot of things to do and see in this part of the country.

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