I know more about YOU than you think I do -- READ THIS -- and see if I am right!

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Everyone is a private individual. Your life is secret to you. What do I know about you that is true?


Let's get the basics out of the way... See if I am right:

(Please don't laugh at the easy stuff... the more you read, the more you'll soon realize what I truly know about you)

  • You feel each and every 24 hour period, same as I do. You wake up in the morning, go through your day. Night falls, and you hang on.. eventually you get tired enough, you give in... and go to sleep.
    --- which means, you've done this hundreds and thousands of times. You can be awake for 12-18 hours, but eventually your body gives in, and you have to sleep and "see what tomorrow brings"

  • You enjoy food, and have your favorites. But eventually you get sick of eating the same favorites. You probably have about 10 go-to-food dinners or meals that you like the most... but if you keep eating those same 10 meal favorites, you find yourself searching for something different. (I do that too)

  • Money --- most of the time, you have enough money to get by... but most of the time, you don't have enough money to spend foolishly or on an impulse. Every dollar you have, always needs to be spent carefully. You've gone days before where you were truly worried whether or not you could eat or afford groceries a week later.... You hung on... worked through it, and one way or another, you did afford the groceries and food you needed.

  • Special plans -- you have great ideas of things you would like to do at some point. Whether that be tomorrow, next year, or 5 years from now. If someone handed you a cashable check for $5 million dollars... and they asked you... Is there any special plans you have? What would you like to do?

-- most of us have special plans that we'd eventually like to see happen one day. Most often money is the only thing restricting us from seeing them happen. I don't think that is just me -- but you too....

I know a bit about you

You are most probably reading this blog, not for the fact, you are a fan or like my writings. Mostly because, you are hoping to gain a gem of knowledge by someone who can help make your daily living environment make a little more sense...

Most of us on steem are here for a reason. We love the social aspect. However, most of us need upvotes to survive too....


People, like you, and people, like me, are soooo close to where we want to be in our lives... and we need to acknowledge each other, and if an upvote can make a tiny difference, you've just helped someone by doing that...


i really don't love to socialize...most probably i would say the opposite...
...but we are very close ...afterall all human kind have the same needs plus minus..have a nice day from Hellas

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we are sooooo close but not there yet!! but always workin on it

my friend always said when i was living abroad: 'if you miss me look at the moon, because I also always look at the just the same one and then you are not that far away anymore'

worldwide doesnt matter!

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