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I agreed with you originally and am sad to see that you've reached the point of giving up on working with Sun, but trust your judgment based on witness meetings with him and his advocates. I still think all witnesses should revert back to the version before his funds were locked. It's not like he can move them before powering them down. The power down period is now what is securing things. Once that is done, Sun really doesn't have a leg to stand on in his arguments for continuing to vote his own witnesses. He either powersdown and does what he wants with his funds, but can't vote witnesses, or he stays powered up so he can continue trying to wipe out our witnesses. Done.


The version that community witnesses are currently running is the same code as before the soft fork. In some cases the version numbers are different, but the code is the same as 22.1 (pre soft fork).

0.22.4444 is the same as 22.1? How confusing.

Agreed, lol. Here is a post that explains the differences (in the comments):