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RE: The State of Steem Forums Action Plan : a skeleton to build on : #1 Technology

in #steem2 years ago

Apart from technological questions you made a strong and important point on the governance of this process. This starts with transparency and this post of yours is excellent and very precise.

My question (or suggestion): is there any central place where these posts, links to the SOS-forums and the overall roadmap may be stored so everybody has (reading) access? Collecting all threads is already now a challenging task.


Yes the coordination of all this endeavour is likely to be challenging.

I am producing my SOS Daily News digests to call all the relevant posts and projects I find each day into one concise daily post, that might help...

Yes, I know and already rely a lot on your daily posts personally. Thanks a lot for all the effort you are putting in there.

I think, Steem communtiy would need something more decentralised so the workload is not only on you (and a few others). Something like GitHub for commuity governance. Is there anybody around with a suggestion, which software could support collective governance of a change process?

Yes, something like a GitHub could be useful.

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