Steem Gets Vocal On Other Social Media Websites!

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Did you guys notice that STEEM has a new Official Twitter Account called @SteemNetwork? Yesterday, while taking part in STEEM BLAST initiative by @timcliff, I noticed this account liking, following and commenting on the posts made by many enthusiastic Steemians. In this blog, I am going to discuss about two things which I learned at the end of this activity:

  • STEEM Gets A Makeover
  • HOW Steemians can help in Digital Marketing of STEEM
I will try to be precise with my thoughts and suggestion, hence this blog is not going to be very long or very short. It will fall somewhere in between but filled with lots of juicy information. Please do contribute and extend the discussion in the comment section below if liked anything that I am going to mention here or missed. Let's start!

STEEM Gets A Makeover

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone who took part in STEEM Blast Campaign and made it a success. We went crazy on Twitter and on Facebook. So, as I mentioned above, I was checking out the tweets all of us made yesterday. Apart from Twitter, I also covered Facebook Groups related to Cryptocurrency and Finance. Instagram gave me a decent reach as well. While checking how my posts are performing, I saw this notification:

I was like, "oh Cool, now someone with their account name as STEEM is following me" so I followed back. A few hours ago, I saw the below Tweet from them which made the whole thing a whole lot more interesting:

Steemit Inc. has probably hired a badass social media expert who knows how to hit the nail! ;) I totally love it when a social media account gets very active with the perfect sense of humor. This attracts more people than anything else. HUMOR sells so why the hell not! Apart from humor, PRESENTATION also sells. If you look good, it's understandable that you will get more attention than anyone else. Similarly, if your social media account looks great with bright and unique colors, people would want to stop there for a while. The account has been very active since it got a makeover around 28th or 29th August! Not sure about the date. After completely checking out the twitter, I went ahead to the website and noticed there was no change at all. The logo is still the same. Being a Digital Marketer myself, I have a few thoughts, questions, suggestions and observations regarding the makeover and I am going to list them below. I hope someone from Steemit Inc. will read these and implement the suggestions wherever possible.

  1. Steem's Website do not show this makeover at all. It's still the same but it shouldn't be. Your social media profiles should have the similar theme as your website. Maybe they are in the transitioning process and do it later but it is very important to have a Brand Image which is identical everywhere.
  2. Name of the STEEM's official facebook page is "STEEMIT". I am not sure why would they do that? It doesn't matter much so I will ignore this. And the unique id of the page is @steemnetwork which is similar to twitter's handle. Just look at the Profile Picture and the Cover Image! It looks crisp, clean and catchy. Full marks to the designer. Personally, I love this theme.

  3. I wanted to have a STEEM logo tattooed on my wrist. It's good that I did not do it since they changed the logo and this one looks pretty badass too. Even if I got the old logo tattoteed it would be so epic to get the current one tattooed on one side of the old one. Not sure if they will still use the previous logo or maybe I am totally wrong, this might be a logo for but why would they name these profiles as official profiles of STEEM Blockchain. So I am pretty sure these are the social media profiles of STEEM Blockchain as a whole which includes updates from as well!
  4. STEEM Platform has a very tiny social media presence as of now considering the amount of time they are live in the business. Most probably because it is created by Software Developers and Blockchain Enthusiasts. Not Digital Marketers! But now we all have seen how much active they have got in the recent times on @steemitblog. @Andrarchy(Content Director of Steemit Inc.) and team have been doing a phenomenal job with the communication. Now they have geared up on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter to provide latest news and updates about the blockchain. But this is not enough, we need them at least on Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. Currently they are missing out on a huge chunk of potential users and investors who are quite active on these platforms.

  5. Steemit Inc. has to stay ahead of its competitors. I am not sure how they handle the marketing but hiring some professionals wouldn't hurt the pocket that much considering the amount of funds they have at their disposal. Infact, I am still shocked why top 20 Witnesses and others have done absolutely nothing about marketing the Blockchain on social media until yesterday. We need to track every move of other blockchains that are famous and replicate the same strategies in our campaigns. Also, we need to figure out ways to be unique in our approach as well! This can only be done if HQ hires some professionals to do the job. Not sure if they have done it already but marketing needs to go a lot more aggressive than it is right now.
  6. I was not aware about this makeover even though I follow @Steemitblog like a stalker! I hope that's not illegal. ;) They should have declared it well in advance before actually doing it. I am sure many people would like to go and follow these profiles to get regular updates on other websites also. Recently I saw a post by @acidyo about Steemit's Reddit account through which I got to know that something of that sort exists. I guess Reddit is another place apart from discord and steemit where the most activity is happening. We need to maintain communities on other channels also as mentioned in the above point.
I hope with this makeover, a complete marketing system will evolve in the next couple of months from Steemit Inc.'s side and obviously community is going to support it as much as we can. It is logical as well since we have two big events coming up:
  • HF 20 going live on September 25, 2018.
  • SMTs Release on March 24, 2019.
After these, more users and investors will come flocking towards the platform. So before these releases, we should have a strong base set on the top social media websites. Because people do not just look at the website these days! When we always talk about community and number of people backing the project, it should show everywhere on the internet and not just on STEEM.

STEEMIANS Are The Ambassadors Of STEEM

Are you aware of #Promo-Steem? It's an initiative started by @starkerz, @anarcotech and @stephenkendal to reward users who are promoting STEEM on and off the blockchain. This project has support from various people. It works on the concept of Multi-Proof of Brain where if three Steem-Ambassadors will upvote a post with #Promo-Steem Tag, then the main account will give the upvote to the post followed by their trail. For more info, please go and check the website:

I know all this information because I am a Steem-Ambassador selected by the community in a decentralized manner. In my opinion, every user on the blockchain is a STEEM Ambassador. We can do multiple things to promote and support the Blockchain. There are so many case-studies about what STEEM can do yet no-one is using them to promote the platform. I want to list a few tasks for everyone who wants to get involved in Promoting the blockchain to the masses. Once you complete any one or if all of these tasks, just let me know in the comments below and I will start following you (if that's an incentive for you). In any case, try to do these things and I am sure it will help us grow the community:

  1. Go ahead and like Steem's official Facebook Page and follow the Twitter account. Also, you can like, share, retweet and comment on their last 3-5 posts. This will add on to the current engagement and size of these accounts. Just imagine when investors see such a huge community already, they will come running with their money. Haha!
  2. Even though Steem Blast Day is over, do not stop posting great things about STEEM. Share your experience on your personal profiles about different apps you are trying. You can even share your own posts or maybe other's posts on your account. I have seen @stephenkendal sharing great articles, videos on his twitter account with top tags in cryptocurrency arena. That's very effective!
  3. Share memes and pictures that showcase the worth of STEEM Blockchain. Especially in Facebook Groups and on in cryptocurrency related Reddits. They can fire up the engagement quickly.
  4. Invite at least 5 people on Steem Blockchain every month. I try to invite at least one new person daily on STEEM. Even though onboarding sucks a bit as of now but it will improve after HF20. Might take some time, but it is expected to improve for mass adoption.
  5. Try to attend Blockchain Conferences and Events to network with people. This will not only improve your knowledge but you can brush up your sales skills while pitching STEEM to potential users and investors.
  6. Just like STEEM Blast Day, you can form your own initiatives and tap different social media websites to spread the word. If you can form big groups to support your initiative then it would be great. Please let me know about your initiative and I will try to help you. Also, you can form local offline communities where you can have frequent meetups to discuss the strategies about how to be successful on STEEM. Once, in a while you can invite guests and your non-steemian friends who might be interested.
I think if we focus on these bare minimum tasks, we will be able to reach many people online and create huge buzz across channels! Let's show these investors the worth of STEEM community.

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Nice! Following!
But PR is not the only issue. Steemit needs some kind of facelift I think and some quite basic features for individual fine-tuning of the feed.
Looking forward to HF20

" I am still shocked why top 20 Witnesses and others have done absolutely nothing about marketing the Blockchain on social media until yesterday"

That's not entirely true. We have built Steemtipper located at and this allows people to Tip users Steem on Twitter and Reddit , they don't even need a Steem wallet at the time they receive tip.

Also you can see here my twitter account that posts daily, marketing Steem. Also our other twitter account

Then you can check Reddit here and see all marketing we have done on Reddit, we are working hard to market Steem on Twitter and Reddit.

I am very very happy to see the new Twitter "Steemnetwork" they are doing a kick-ass job.

Also, about 6 months back we helped market Utopian on Facebook and gained over 35K likes to their page. We also did paid marketing for Steemit on Google adwords, and we made posts showing the stats for that.

I love what Stephen Kendall is doing with promo-steem, I see their tweets all the time.

Make sure to give us a follow on twitter and I will follow you back. All of us working together can really help .


Hey @followbtcnews. I follow you there already with the handle (@prashantbhalla) and really appreciate what you are doing! It was not right of me to generalize all the Witnesses. I did it maybe because I never saw any substantial effort(regarding marketing) from anyone else on these social media websites which I understand because you guys must be very busy in multiple Initiatives on the blockchain.

On twitter, you are literally doing a fantastic job. I keep on getting your likes and retweets every now and then. Just totally forgot about that while writing this post. 😋

I have a good amount of experience specifically with Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing. I would like to offer help in case you need it in the future for such campaigns. Together we can definitely create a huge community and attract attention from outsiders. Cheers and thanks for dropping by.

This is something that might actually have a good outcome! Spreading the steem message through other channels!


Yes @karinxxl. That's true. Also the makeover looks greattttt. Hope to see more action from Steemit Inc. on twitter and facebook. ;-)


Definitely - I guess a makeover often precedes media action, so could be STEEM ON time!


They're coming :)

Hey, I'm the social media manager for Steemit/SteemNetwork :) Thanks for the recognition. Our marketing team has a lot of great things in the works, and I'm excited to reach more Steemians by growing our presence on social.


Awesome! Thanks for your comment @kittyninja. Looking forward to more surprises from Social media team!

I had no idea. Since I do now, I am going to go follow all STEEM in all the places I have social media accounts.

Ah, getting it tattooed!! Now that would be a good talking point. I love it! You are such an awesome ambassador for steem. I haven't even considered liking thier Facebook page and sharing it because I'm just never on Facebook anymore!


Haha. Thanks @riverflows, I always try my best to promote my favorite Blockchain. And do not worry about liking their page on FB Page. If you are on twitter, then you can follow them there for the latest juicy news. Keep on creating the great content and grow the @naturalmedicine community. This is already helping STEEM!

good post.. infortive post.. carry on... learned a lot of from you..

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