Why I love Appics and how I see it boosts quality and onboarding on Steem.

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Appics finally launched the feature of voting with its native token "APX". It's been two days and still people are can't stop talking about it and flaunting their earnings for their content.

What made Appics different from other DApps is it's dedicated and passionated team with holding long-term vision to sustain in the market and maintaining the disruptive way of introduction of features.

The main problem in the social platforms is well addressed by this Dapp which is rewarding everyone for their content and let them be the indirect partners in their business.

Many gaint internet social platforms like Facebook, Instagram,YouTube live by making money on the content continously posted by the content creators. Except YouTube, other platforms don't reward the efforts of artists.

This where the Appics step in and stands as a bridge between the artists and people. It's give opportunity for authors to get rewarded directly by entertaining or helping the audience.

It's like audience buying a ticket for art show, the money goes directly in to the artists pockets. But also once the audience buy enough APX tokens and stake, with earned APX power they can reward the artists each time without further investment.

How it helping Steem also?

As we often see the decreasing number of on-boarding people on steem, seriously we bee more fun around here to let the fire continue to burn. Appics easily does that by getting popular artists,models and social media influencers on the platform with their great efforts which is not done by any other Dapp on steem as per my knowledge.

These onboarded people will surely post about Appics on their mainstream platforms once in a while which directly gets steem a lot of attention with out investment.

Bridge Between EOS and STEEM

Brother @nathanmars said he is working to build bridge between steem and EOS few months ago while announcing end to #seven77 challenge.

That's garnered alot of applause from the steem community and now Appics actually made this easy by making APX token dual blockchain token with both STEEM and EOS.

Now the earned APX tokens can easily traded with EOS and people who want to trade with EOS will come here to invest and earn APX tokens.

So the engagement between both blockchains increase and pretty well surely word about STEEM will spread out among crypto fields.

What I love more about Appics

The two main things I love to core about the Appics is its design and functionality. The design on the Appics far better than other platforms which is in the same purpose with out crypto.
The colours, theme really gives an elegant experience for the users. The design team really should get more applause.

The design of voting option also very creative and gives some kind of satisfaction which is very unique when compared to other DApps.

The team behind it despite facing so much pressure, they never made any short-term beneficial step. They always hold long term vision and that's inspires alot and built trust.

Happy Appics and steem posting.

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