Making Minnows With The Biggest Push In STEEM History.

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Some of you might remember the "Push People"-initiative I ran a few months ago. We successfully pushed a dozen Steemians over the 500 mark, and we brought them into minnowhood. Without major support from dolphins, orcas and/or whales, we, the "little guys" managed to pull this off due to teamwork. We strived towards the same goal and with combined efforts, we managed to push 12 users over the finish line. That was our first attempt, (my second as I co-launched the @asapers), to create something that could potentially resemblance a middle class on Steem.

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, I felt forced to put this initiative on hold after a few very successful weeks, but I had the best intentions and I was eager to resume this amazing project as quickly as possible. The truth is that I enjoy to help others. That is my main goal in life. My day gets better if I can make people smile and with a history of ups and downs, both in life and on Steem, I aimed to improve the overall experience on Steem.

As the co-founder of the @asapers, a manual curation project with focus on "little guys", I have been eager to produce results for and on our blockchain for a long period of time. I have worked hard to motivate, encourage and inspire people around me during the majority of my time here, but when I launched the "push people"-initiative, I was looking for something different. I was looking for something that could basically force people into minnowhood, because I felt the need of having a real middle class.

One week ago, I got the opportunity to work alongside some amazing Steemians in the biggest push we've ever seen. The goal is to make 250 minnows in one month, and we can already see some good results. Even though my time is very limited and even though I had lost pretty much all my motivation, I felt almost obligated to join. After all, it was part of my dream, so I had to join and do whatever I could...

  • It was my "Push People"-initiative on steroids.

To work hand in hand and alongside the team members feels really good. To be invited and get a position in this team is great and feels almost unreal to be completely honest.

@paulag, @steevc, @niallon11, @slobberchops, @cryptoandcoffee, @blanchy, @pennsif @erika and @melinda010100 is working hard and the best part is that we're working towards the same goal. Our goal is to create a middle class, or to strengthen the middle class we have today.

Before going further, I just want to clarify the reasons for this to feel almost unreal... I have never been wealthy in terms of Steem Power. I have never had continuous whale- or orca support and Steem in general is about Power. People with power are the ones that will be recognized and those are also the ones who'll be able to "move mountains". All due to the size of their wallets.

As I've always been a rather small user, I have also had to put in a shit-ton of work to get any form of recognition and exposure... And truth to be told, my wallet is probably the main reason for my initiatives to have been overlooked more than once. It's easier to ignore a "nobody" than someone with a large amount of Steem Power. Wealth attracts wealth.

That being said, when I was invited to be part of this it proved that people knew about me, my history and my goals. The size of my wallet didn't matter. What I had done and what I aim to do was the things that counted. I didn't hesitate for a second, I jumped in head first and I also opted out of this, because it wouldn't feel good to grow my own account with this. I would be eligible for this amazing push, but I choose to stay out of it because I don't feel comfortable raking in rewards that could go to others instead.

I am more motivated, have more energy and I will reinstate the "push people"-initiative in the near future. However, with this current push, this is not the time for my project to be reinstated. We should focus on the biggest push in the history of Steem. We should do whatever we can to reach our goal of having 250 new minnows in a month from now.

This Is My Call To Action:

@thedarkhorse | @simplymike | @erodedthoughts | @ifartrainbows | @preparedwombat | @headchange | @lyndsaybowes | @goldendawne | @phoenixwren | @blacklux | @abh12345 | @erikklok | @deirdyweirdy | @googlyeyes | @deadspace | @insideoutlet | @lynncoyle1 | @davemccoy | @gduran | @khimgoh | @minismallholding | @sparkesy43 | @robertandrew | @danielsaori | @zekepickleman | @whatsup | @stever82 | @coinsandchains | @kaerpediem | @empress-eremmy | @janton | @cryptocurator | @guiltyparties | @gooddream | @matthewtiii | @lemony-cricket | @dfinney | @trincowski | @brittandjosie | @viking-ventures | @tezmel | @akdx | @vincy

We where able to "move mountains" with the "Push People"-initiative before, even without any major support from larger accounts. This time, we have more support than ever before...

  • Join us.

Official Announcement: Let's Make 250 New Minnows in a Month
Update: 250 New Minnows Event Update and List of Accounts to Support

How you can support.

  • Keep an eye for our updated list of supported accounts and send votes where you can.
  • Follow @tenkminnows trail on steemauto
  • Follow @tenkminnows guild on steemvoter
  • Delegate to @tenkminnows


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@hitmeasap when I heard about @steevc #tenkminnows project the first person I thought of was you. Okay so I am not a whale or even an orca but I was fully aware of the work you were doing and couldn't help but think of you.

This is an amazing post, its touching and raw and ends with the perfect call to action. I am so delighted we are part of the same team on this and when we are finished, I hope it brings more attention to the work you are going to start doing again (although we will have taken all the good redfish by then lol)


The only thing that really matters is that we're able to strengthen the middle class. Everyone will benefit by doing that. I mean, it's obviously a great feeling to get some recognition for the things you do, but I'll be fine as long as I'm able to contribute to something good like this.

Even if we take all the good redfish, I'll definitely find some new golden eggs out there. I'll make sure to find more good people who's eligible a community push when we've achieved our current goals. :)

You sound a lot like me. I'm also a small-fry that has been largely ignored here, but have been giving away part of my own earnings with the intent of growing the community as a whole. It seems that very few are interested in my initiatives because my wallet is too small and my prizes are not large enough. That's a mistake, because small money grows into big money and sometimes the turtle wins against the hare. Yes, my prizes are small, but they are consistent and over time we can all grow together. I have a few people who have been taking advantage of my offers and we are growing quite nicely together. Like you, I also enjoy seeing the progress people are making. It is that feeling that keeps me here.


It seems that very few are interested in my initiatives because my wallet is too small and my prizes are not large enough.

Exactly. Size matters... But that's pretty dumb actually.

I mean, just imagine having one person with 100,000 Steem Power. He or she would be able to upvote 10 posts per day, at 100% VP. If that user is a good manual curator, he or she would probably upvote 10 different authors... With a following of, let's say 1000 users, the chances of scoring a single upvote would be slim to none.

Imagine the same amount of Steem Power, 100K, distributed over more people instead. Let's say 10 people. That would basically give you a 10x higher chance of earning something.

That's also one of the reasons I want to strengthen the middle class. It would ultimately yield everyone a higher chance of earning something... But many seems to overlook that.


Ha ha ha... you say it so wonderfully!
I've been saying practically the same thing. The masses chase after the whales hoping for a crumb or one of those juicy big votes, but as you say, the chances of landing one are few and far between. In the mean-time, how many little votes have they forsaken while focusing solely on the whales? As with most things in life, balance is the key.

The shift of power has already begun. The middle-class is growing. Soon, it will be a force larger than the whales. To ignore this class is foolish indeed.


In the mean-time, how many little votes have they forsaken while focusing solely on the whales? As with most things in life, balance is the key.

Would've been awesome to get detailed numbers for this actually, but that's obviously impossible. The fact still remains though, that votes slips between fingers while they're trying to catch whale votes... Sad, but true. We'll get the ball rolling with this though, and soon, everyone will understand how important it is with a strong middle class.

You are awesome @hitmeasap! I will do what I can to help... And btw, just because I'd rather work with you than a guy with a big wallet any day!

Am definitely in and will be glad to help any way I can


Wonderful, thank you! :)


Am definitely
In and will be glad to help
Any way I can

                 - empress-eremmy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is a great project as I know how hard you have to fight for every steem.

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I have the same thoughts as you. I never got any big votes and have come up the hard way in the system. Grinding for every STEEM. Outside of that I love the place that we have. I'm all in with STEEM and will be for the future.

The best way to have all of this is to bring more people with us. Growing the system and creating a strong user base helps everyone. If a few whales felt the same way it would be great for all of us. I have always tried to help other users and will keep doing it until we moon or we burst.

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Growing the system and creating a strong user base helps everyone.

That is basically the most important part. I'm not talking about taking away rewards from the rich, like some people seems to believe, I'm just talking about rewarding lesser accounts more than we have done previously, so that everyone will benefit in the long haul.

Hopefully more people will jump on board and with some luck, some whales and orcas might see the true potential of this.

This is very nice. Steem is such a beautiful community because of people like you guys. I was once a redfish and then I saw @paulag's power up league, and I got motivated. These kind initiatives are effective in inspiring people. Thank you for thinking of others and your generosity. =)

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That's amazing and thank you! There are a bunch of different cool leagues, initiatives and projects out there. Many of them are really inspiring... I'm glad the power up league got you motivated. :)

What a wonderfully supportive post! All of us together can make this work!


Yeah, we sure can! :)

I am definitely in! It is your initiative on steroids. I have been looking for a way that I could help more. Thanks for the call to action!


I'm glad to see that you're onboard matthewtii. Let's do whatever we can to reach our common goal. :)

Hey @hitmeasap just sent you 2 sbi shares - keep up the good work! 😁


Oh, thank you very much for your kind gesture. I truly appreciate it. :)

It's great to have you involved in this push. We can do more together!


Teamwork is essential and one of the most vital ingredients for any successful initiative. I am happy to help when- and wherever I can!

You have my support. Already did a post on PIFC to see if we can drum up some qualified accounts.


Awesome, thank you for the support! :)

I think the 10K minnow project is an awesome initiative. When I first read about it, only a couple of days ago, I wanted in instantly. These last couple of days, I've seen so many posts about it, and I applaud that so many people are putting their weight behind it. But it also made me think...

These last couple of weeks, I've been mainly supporting promising newcomers. And after talking to @paulag yesterday, I will keep focusing on that. Simply because there are already so many people supporting the minnows-to-be, and the newcomers are a forgotten category. I've been following up, and the number of people that leaves again within a month is HUGE! Who can blame them...? No SP equals no RC, and who wants to stay at a platform that makes you wait for 3 days to reply on a couple of comments? I wouldn't!

So I decided to just keep on doing what I was already doing: supporting all redfish, but keeping my main focus on the newcomers... because if things don't change around here, there will soon be no more redfish to bring to minnowhood.

Hey there @hitmeasap :) You're sure in good company with this one now!! Hopefully it helps. I know how frustrated you can get when you want to do something, but your efforts just don't get the results you're hoping for.

Hope all is well with you these days too. I've been somewhat absent here for a few months now, popping in to judge thedarkhorse's Pay it Forward Curation contest and other bits and pieces, so I've been missing a lot. Glad I saw this post though :)

I immediately put your name forward as well given your prior work so I am confident that this team will do a great job in creating these Minnows! I am proud to be a supporter as it is the very first curation trail I join and commit to!

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Thank you very much @newageinv, I appreciate it. I'm glad you've joined, and I'm sure you'll support this project as much as you can. :)