I've Had Enough.

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The cover photo stands for just a fraction of the things I am tired of, but this recent MagicDice-exit gave me the final reason to give up on my past and present personal approach for and on STEEM. It has been a long journey. A journey I will remember for years to come, but I am done with this whole "be yourself"-escapade.

I Have Walked The Walk

I figured it would give me the right to talk the talk, if I walked the walk, so I did. I have been a loyal, embracing Steem-advocate since I joined in July 2016. I have grown as a person and I have been a part of so many wonderful things so I can't even count them all on my hands...

Without overwhelming, circle-jerk type of support, I co-launched a successful minnow-support project called the @asapers. I did this with a handful of amazing, kind and generous people who all were just small fish, and we managed to do this in this extreme, horrifying and tremendous ocean we all call STEEM.

I have inspired, encouraged and I have taught dozens of people from all over the world what STEEM is about, how to STEEM, and you name it. I've done literally everything you can imagine. I have written in-depth tutorials about this and that, I have shared personal stories and I have spent countless hours writing articles... I have spent several hours per week talking with users on Discord and on Steem.chat. I have tried my very best to be positive and to push people forward.

I have launched different forms of "minnow support"-projects, such as "#minnowasap", and I was part of the extremely successful "250 minnows in a month"-initiative. I have been able to reduce the time I spend on my articles, so for the past 6 months or so, I spent approximately 2 hours per article I wrote instead of the previous 2-4 hours...

I did all of that due to the fact that I was eager of sharing, growing and giving. The bigger I were, the more I could do for others. That has been my personal goal for a long, long time. To give and to grow...

  • I have realized that it's not worth it anymore.


I've Had Enough.

This is not a decision based on the exit scam from Magicdice. @zombee or whoever owns the site can suck a horse, swallow and die for all I care, but this isn't the reason for me to write this.

I write this, because I am tired of spending hours per day in an attempt to help STEEM as a nobody, meanwhile others out there are laughing all the way to the bank due to their greedy and selfish behaviour. I am tired of all the bullshit.

I am tired of seeing Steemians acting like retarded troglodytes when they could've done so much good instead of letting their egos, or whatever the problem is, get in the way. I am tired. I've had enough...

I am tired of all the wanking, jerrybanfield wannabee nerds out there who bursts out 50 litres of sperm per day, only to fill their own mouths. I am tired of the nonchalant, ignorant, greedy and selfish behaviour who has taken over STEEM.

I am tired of all the people who thinks that removing the "beta" from the steemit logo is the greatest thing that ever happened to STEEM... Are people really that stupid so they think it actually matters??

"Steem is dying".

Boo hoo.

The people, the users are the virus that kills STEEM. The lack of average people, the lack of compassion, the lack of selflessness and the lack of pay-it-forward thinkers is what kills STEEM.

It's not about Dan leaving... It was never about Ned, his hair, guitar or him being a bad CEO... It's not about the poor leadership, even though it obviously would've been better if we had good leadership.

  • It's about human nature.

It's about us, the people. People are assholes. Greedy and selfish assholes who thinks of themselves more than anything... But, they think about themselves so much so they never think of anyone else. That is the problem.

People act out of greed and selfishness, and that is the biggest problem we have. These people could've done dozens of things that would've benefitted STEEM further on, but they continue to do this short-term, and they continue to tear apart that little good there is left.

I will not spend more time trying to teach, encourage or motivate others. I will not waste countless hours trying to talk sense into a person who thinks that "greed is the best approach". I will not spend a single second on trying to convince someone to stay on STEEM, if they're about to leave.

  • That's not up to me anymore.

I will go back to being "me" again, when I see a real change in the overall behaviour, and I will reconsider things when I see that whales and orcas actually give a fuck about the platform.

"be the best version of you"

Yada yada.. That's some bogus Yoda-talk that good people would say, but people are the worst versions of themselves online, on the blockchain. They are the worst versions of themselves because they can, and because it's the only time they would ever dare to be a "thug". Just look at the owner of Magicdice. A wimp. But, a wealthy one.

According to what I heard, they made off with more than 500,000 STEEM. And it's not even the first time something like this happens... But god knows if I would ever try to promote this post with 200 STEEM, I'd get smacked back into reality with downvotes from whales.

  • What a fucking mess.

I need approximately 4000 STEEM to survive until August. I could basically be kicked out on the street, live inside a cardboard and I would have to search for food in trash cans by September this year if I don't cover all the expenses I have... ~4K steem, judging by the prices right now...

  • And I still don't promote my posts like a crazy person...

Nope, not me. I do things differently. STEEM could basically change my life, or at least parts of my life, if I took advantage of it like many others are doing... But I am not like that... - Why?

  • Because I am stupid.

Not anymore, I've had enough.

No. This is not a fundraiser. I cover my expenses by other means. The mention of STEEM is just to clarify what amount of STEEM I would need in case I would use STEEM to pay.

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I am tired of seeing Steemians acting like retarded troglodytes when they could've done so much good instead of letting their egos, or whatever the problem is, get in the way. I am tired. I've had enough...

And what it makes it worse is that the people who could do something about it, wont!

Best wishes to you, not enough simply 'nice' people in the world and definitely not enough on Steem. I think and hope there would be a lot of people walking out in protest but sadly, they will succumb to their nature and just hang on in the faint hope of a huge pump.....

Take it easy fella :-)

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Company man shakes his head and wags finger..where is ol @sircork in all this commotion

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Well said, and yeah. There are so many people out there who're too afraid of doing things too. They stay quiet, no matter what, because they are afraid. Afraid of downvotes, afraid of retaliation flags etc.

I wouldn't say that I've been afraid at any point on STEEM, not for my own sake, but I've played my part "smart", and I've tried to stay out of trouble as often as I can... But honestly, what's the point?

It wouldn't take much for just a few dolphins to kill my entire blog if they wanted too. An orca or a whale would do it in a second... What bothers me the most, is that there are so many users out there who's capable of doing great things, but they choose to do nothing because it's easier.

I've met a bunch of really cool and awesome people on STEEM, and I appreciate everything they have done for me, for themselves and for others... But I hate the fact that the "little guys" are the ones who's trying the most. It's just wrong.

Perfect! If you get your head straight and stay a while. Let's see what HF21 and free downvotes bring. That's what I'm staying for. Hopefully we change the dynamic a little :-)

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When you look into the steem void, it looks back.
When you yell into the void you can't expect emptiness to holler back,...


need a hug?

Nah, I honestly feel great so we can save that for another time.

Perfect reply 😜

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perhaps less magic and epic dice gaming instead :D


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Got a very respectable proboards vote tho that's always amusing

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At least after HF21 you can have 25% of your downvotes for free, not that it will have any effect other than retaliation, but they think that wont happen. Society is all screwed up because of people being people. They also think people will use those downvotes in a respectable manner. they way they were designed to be used,

Yeah... Seems like the idea could be somewhat good, but it's also based on the fact that people are good and that most of them have good intentions... Which is wrong.

Resteemed, but that's redundant as you prob got notified.. I like this new you too and look forward to where this no filter you takes us.. Just be you, no need to put on a spectacle of what the ideal steemian should be. I would hope we've all felt this way about steem at some point.

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I'm probably just a slow learner. I've tried to hold on to the mentality of the "good old days", but I've finally realized that it was in vain. I've realized that I'm allergic to bullshit, and STEEM is full of it.

Nah, I wouldn't mistake a capacity to be hopeful for being naive or slow to catch on. Your efforts are not in vain in that you're a respected upstanding member of this community that's overrun with enterprising, opportunistic and duplicitous characters.

You've not done your stake or finances any favours but you're intelligent and will maneuver through this rough patch.

Having had a background in less than reputable avenues of commerce I'm hyper aware of bullshit, posturing, diversion, and deceit. I came here with a healthy skepticism and was never convinced that this experiment was more than a game being played well by those morally bankrupt souls I've carved a life out of by avoiding them and aligning myself with the most virtuous among liars, thieves and hustlers.

Tis a pirates life for me and to that end I play my position in the spirit of black Bart a gentleman and scholar of the pirate code that defended the disadvantaged and plotted to pick off the purely pillaging lot.

Be a pirate but use discretion and keep alliances and accords with those patiently playing the long con. If ever all is lost cut your losses and burn this motherfucker down..

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Now try playing with the idea that it was all a scam right from the outset, and crashing it is part of the plan...

Personally I wouldn't rule anything out..If so the conspirators have done a miraculously convincing job of playing the incompetent fool. Such masterfully crafted idiocy is wasted not meddling in global governance..

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This whole MagicDice-exit was probably something they had planned since the launch. The thing is, that I'm not angry because I lose some dividends... Sure, I've probably lost a couple of hundred STEEM in total, but these scams are bad for STEEM in general, that's the biggest reason for me to be pissed about it.

What's make things even worse, is that so many people seems to have known who the owners are, and they still used the site, which makes it look like a good, solid and legit dApp... The people who lost something, are the "lesser accounts", and that's the thing I hate the most.

Definitely shady af

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Hate the game not the player. Steem enables people to do this. Also, nonsense trust in anonymous dapp developers and witnesses allows for it. I think after a certain point proving you are human would help with trust and atleast doing kyc to something would be good for people who want more trust.
In anycase, it seems you proved you are human.
I hope you find all the Steem yiu are looking for and I apprecite the new you.

Yeah, I know... But lately, I've started to hate the people around the game more than the players or the game itself. You are right though, that STEEM enables people to do this. STEEM enables it, and people allow it.

I've always been a fan of a raising the bar approach. Target the worst offenders and tell second worse they are next if they don't shape up.

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Well to be honnest, once of the best posts I did read in a long time!
You are spot on with the userbase who is killing the platform combined with the greed of humans! We also tried a lot to create a sportsbetting community on steem, only to notice that people are just posting one liners with our tag to score an upvote!
A sad, sad world we live in!
It is and just stays a circle jerk platform! The only thing what I am missing in my circle jerk are big whales willing to support me!
Nothing more, nothing less!

Besides a few people, it everyone for themselves!
Will add you to my auto upvote list! Not that my upvote means a lot, but all small things together can make a difference!
Update: I am a man of my word:

Stupid left-wing idealists... What makes the world working are rules, hierarchy and goals.

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....this place is a commie cesspit!

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Uhhh #spud 🤷🏽‍♂️

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I really like the idea of #spud, but I've started to think... What's the point?

I mean, sure I could power up a couple of STEEM, and so can dozens of other people... But what's the point when someone cash out 500K Steem at the same time? For how long will the "lesser accounts" continue to do all the heavylifting for everyone else? And how long does it take before another exit scam is in place?

They feed on the lesser accounts, and I'm tired of that bullshit.

I hear ya... i think it was Dlive,
Then drugwars now
Magicdice.... I guess these are Steem gowing
Pains.... can’t say bitcoin and others haven’t gone through something similar though. Hang tough, we got you!!

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Especially because of the very appropriate choice of words :)

I concur

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The only way to force change, and no one wants to hear this, is to stop buying steem. You see a whale exploiting the system why would you buy his steem? He is able to do that because people keeping buying his steem. Thec whales keep raping the system because there are a supply of endless suckers coming here and buying steem

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Random question. Have you ever received divs from Epicdice?

Yes I have.


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Late to this game, but yes, there are lots of nice people on Steem. But they have votes of 0.01 to 0.05 (for the most part) and keep hoping that some whale will "discover" and support their works.

I think reason no. 1 that Steem isn't succeeding as much as it should is because we're all meant to be producers and consumers... I (obviously) spend a lot of time on producing good content - it makes it hard to have enough time to consume well as well (not to mention my upvote is still only worth 0.02 at best - the same it's been for a year now, despite my account having almost 4x the SP it had a year ago... so, I can't even support people very much.)

For Steem to succeed, they need to find ways to encourage more consumers here. Once they do that, Steem prices will soar and everyone will be better off.

What do you propose? I don't see steemit as the best social media (or maybe even a good social media), but i think it's better than instagram or facebook. (my other options).

What should I do? with nearly no power to make a big change, no deep information about the technical side of steem to help create a better blockchain. Just have a general idea about good and bad and know how to write and take photos based on those ideas...

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I flag trash (and morons). You have received a flag.