Why I Sold My SteemMonsters Collection.

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Randy WTH Did You Just Do? Why Would You Sell Your SteemMonsters?

The answer is rather simple. Last week I saw an opportunity coming and I think that opportunity is greater than the opportunity of me playing the SteemMonsters game.

Back in February, while attending the Anarchapulco conference @Aggroed, @AnaHilarski and I sat down and had a great conversation. We talked about life, Steem and of course SteemMonsters. He convinced me that I should try out the game. Knowing my addictive personality I was hesitant. For those that do not know, almost all of you, I had to give up gaming back in 2005 when I realized it took up too much of my life. Since then I have built multiple businesses, became a semi-successful blogger and am about to unveil something huge.

So even though I knew my personality I still came home to Panama and started playing SteemMonsters. I quickly realized that in order to compete I would need to spend some Steem and I did. Overall I think I spent between $400-$500 on packs. It could be higher but I am not worried. The team at SteemMonsters deserved the payday after building such an awesome game.

Now six months later I finally made it to Diamond level 3. Believe me, it was a frustrating journey. I really disliked getting booted back down to Silver every time we completed a season. I decided to take a break but then something unexpected happened.

The Steem Price Sunk Like the Titanic Against BTC and Then in USD.

So I told @AnaHilarski my season of playing SteemMonsters had come to an end. Before my addictive personality could change my mind I sat down at my computer and put 100% of my collection for sale. 1500 Steem and climbing has poured into my Steem wallet since last week. I powered it up. With a Steem price of just under $.25 I think this is the best move I can make for my family. My optimism for Steem is still tepid but I personally think the price won't go much lower. The opportunity to 10X or higher my Steem is way too difficult to pass up.

I Want to Thank @Aggroed for Convincing Me to Play SteemMonsters.

You my friend are the one who gave me and @AnaHilarski confidence to stick around the Steem community.

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i would sell mine too. any guide ?

Use peakmonsters it's much easier.

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It took me about 40 minutes to go through every character and put them up for sale. I actually would price a little higher than the recommended price as well.

Personally being a high grade magic the gathering collector ; i think selling Alpha or Beta SteemMonsters cards is just a poor idea. By selling collections you lose ALL your cards. Over time limited edition cards increase in price and certain high demand cards increase in value at insane rates.

Alpha MTG Released 1993, Black Lotus in Super High Grade condition is now over one hundred thousand US$. Simply put; selling alpha or beta cards is not good value unless one of three conditions exist :

  • must avoid wasting time playing when you have other higher in demand priorities,

  • that you do not believe that that game will stand the test of time for continued evolution and game play,

  • that you just must pull your money back out to re-budget your lifestyle...

Many super high grade Magic the Gathering Cards sell for many thousands of dollars and maybe steemmonsters might also go well longer term since it is sort of linked to the blogging platform steemit...

Anyways just my opinion and who knows , just because you can buy certain cards low now does not mean any guarantee of those cards being available at 'reasonable' prices into the future...

/ Hugz . . .

I get it, but I would rather have more SteemPower at this time. I also don't have any time to play. Collectibles are going to be a huge part of the crypto game.

I did the same and I believe there se other things I'm enjoying more at the moment like spending time with my baby, riding the bycicle, reading and even charting tokens

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You can't beat that!

I know it feels that you can free up so much time by just not playing or feeling the need to play

Is there any app to calculate how much steem I have with all of my cards combined. Selling now is great idea then buy later when steem price soar to $20 each.

No app, you can see the recommended price in USD though and then divide by the price of Steem to see how many you might receive.

thank you so much...

Write $stats yourusername

In this group: https://discord.gg/G4AVB2r

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Buy low... Sell High...

Well Done Randy !!

That is the goal in this game.

Do you miss your monsters at all? It's great to have a lot more Steem Power, but... any slight bit of remorse over the sale?

Of course, there is remorse. I love gaming but my time needs to be spent on building at this time.

I think you have made the right decision, Randy. Have a nice day.

I've done something similar, it's impressive how fast some of them sold. May I ask what the opportunity is?

Steem is on sale.

I hear a funny thing once. No one ever really stops playing Eve Online. They just take breaks. The fact that you can come and go in this game is one of the strongest features of the game. You took money, put it in while you wanted it there, and then took it back when you were done. Try doing that in a fiat game... My guess is that you left with more money than you put in. Try doing that in a fiat game.

Anyway, glad to have you come, sad to see you go, I'll wait patiently for you to come back, cause you're gonna...

You are absolutely right. Like my gaming, I took a 14-year break. Only to return for your game. Cheers! I hope to see you again soon.

I have been thinking the same thing but I love the game so much and I earn 10$ a week with DEC, and more with rewards so I was thinking maybe I should just continue p’aging as I do not think price of cards will go down.
But I had the same thought.
Take care !

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I'm very sure that it's not a good time to sell your deck. I would wait the release of the mobile app which increases the number of players and the market demand, so you can maximize profit.

My bet is on Steem this time around.

My deck is not worth too much and I haven't spent a lot of cards, so I'll hang onto it for now. I do play a few times a week, but there are limits to how far I can get. That's okay. I'd need to spend a lot to upgrade my cards to win more and I'd rather power up. It will be interesting to see if the cards gain value.

If i sold all my cards today i'd make about $200 and I only put in about $35 so i'm pretty happy with it so far. While I wouldn't say not to cash that in for 800 SP I still feel like I should spread my risk for now and see how far I can earn across the board. I already have $20 in snax and $130 in Scot tokens and having fun doing it.

I do want to get to the 5000SP level soon though, doing what I can to get there

You made it right. Good point to sell these cards and buy cheep steem.

Dang it, I can’t open a can of whip ass on ya anymore in the game 😂

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Any guide on selling? I find it complicated

Nvm, found peakmonsters, selling is easy as pie there.

Nice choice. It is good money and a opprtunity to get A LOT steem for monsters just now. If you think Steem is going up - this is the time to sell. Even if you are a player you can sell now and buy back when steem is higher. Thats my idea with some cards.

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I sold my entire rack several weeks ago too. I believe I went out at STEEM of $.42, I just didn't see any value in the gameplay.

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Good to see you're still around here, Randy. I've returned to Steem, albeit for Sports Talk Social. Hoping to see a nice recovery for steem in the future