What will you suggest be done to increase the patronage of steemit block chain to enhance steem's value?

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Increasing the patronage of Steemit blockchain is the dream and hope of every responsible Steemit users as this will make Steemit more popular and widely used just like people make use of Facebook. The sad reality today is that some Steemit users aren't really bothered about inviting new users or investors into the steem blockchain due to some reasons best known for them which seems to be very bad and unexpected from such users.

The fact is that Steemit itself is a community consisting of several communities which are drastically impacting the world of blockchain technology in a positive manner. This simply implies that we actually need more patronage for steemit due to the community great impacts in the lives of people and blockchain technology itself. I will suggest the below few tips can help us increase the patronage of steem blockchain which can also add to the value or worth of steem.

#1 BY SPREADING AWARENESS OF STEEM BLOCKCHAIN ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: One of the best tools to get information disseminated to the masses is by making use of social media platforms. There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the top and fastest growing social media platforms in the world and this can be used to publicize the steem blockchain to enable more people know more about the steem blockchain. We actually need to start making use of our social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms you may find yourself to enable more people know about Steemit as this will surely increase the number of patronage of the steem blockchain.

#2 BY CREATING BLOG POSTS ABOUT STEEMIT: This isn't actually strange since most Steemit users are very familiar with blogging. We need to keep creating good quality content on other blogging platforms about Steemit such that the keyword "Steemit" will rank the top keyword on Google. In addition, a good application of SEO will also go a long way to be of help.

#3 BY REWARDING USERS WITH QUALITY UPVOTES ANYTIME THEY PROMOTE STEEM: This is actually the work of whales or people with huge SP who can reward Steemit users for their ability to #promo-steem willingly. This will actually add more to the motivation of such user and thus enabling other steemit users doing the same because some actually want to get quality upvotes for such post.

#4 BY CREATING A PROMO-STEEM CHALLENGE OR CONTEST: I think we can also make Steemit more viral by increasing the number of contest which has to do with the promotion and advertisements of Steemit. I do see some influential people like @ackza, @coruscate and some other great whales encouraging such contest on Steemit but it seems the organizers of such contest seems to be very low in number. It will be more advisable if we have more of such contests on the steem blockchain.

#5 BY INVITING YOUR CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS: We can also increase the patronage of Steemit by telling those who are closer to us such as our friends and family members. We actually need to tell them about Steemit by making them joining the steem blockchain. I am sure if each user on the steem blockchain is doing this, we will surely have more users patronizing the steem blockchain.

#6 BY UPVOTING QUALITY POSTS OR CONTENTS WHICH DESERVES UPVOTES: One of the main reasons we loose users on the steem blockchain is due to the lack of quality upvotes on quality contents. There are lot of minnows who provide great content on the steem blockchain but they don't earn cool upvotes or reward for their activities. This isn't really encouraging. I interviewed some ex Steemit users about their reasons for leaving the steem blockchain and 90% of the answers were focused on "lack of upvotes for their hard work on the platform". I suggest we start supporting people who create valuable content on the steem blockchain to avoid loosing them and I am quite sure that if users get their required rewards for their activities on the platform, it will foster them to do more and go extra mile to make Steemit more ubiquitous amongst all other social media platforms.

#7 BY MAKING USE OF STEEMIT IN EVERYTHING WE INTEND TO DO ONLINE: Steemit is now a expanded social media platform with lots of DApps which can be used to serve your purpose. We have #musing which is similar to Quora when it comes to answering or asking questions, we have #dtube which is similar to YouTube when it comes to streaming live videos online, we have #steemgigs which is similar to upwork when it comes to freelancing or working online and many others. The interesting fact is that you get rewarded for your activities on the steem blockchain.

#8 BY INVESTING IN STEEM : The last but not the least is by investing more in steem and this can be done when we bring in more investors on the steem blockchain including ourselves. We shouldn't have to keep powering down all the time if we don't have something meaningful to do with our steem. We need to cultivate the habit of powering up our steem and investing more in steem as this can also help us boost steem price a bit provided #bitcoin worth is also very high and stable.

I hope the above tips can help us improve the patronage for steem and thus, boost steem value or worth.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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