Day 5 of 7 B&W photos of my daily life: a challenge to raise awareness about the Steem blockchain

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The rules:

  • no people

  • no explanations

  • use #steem tag

  • challenge one new steemian each day to do the same for 7 days. Today I challenge @tibfox

#palnet #share2steem

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Below is the post's footer and it's full of great info*

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Are you new to Steem?

I recommend following these steps for a smooth start:

  1. Download Partiko: my favourite way to interact with the Steem Blockchain is using Partiko. Because it's a lightning-fast, easy to use smartphone app. Download Partiko using my referral link and earn 3000 Partiko points now!. (Partiko Points are exchangeable for Steem in form of upvotes redeemable on your new posts made with Partiko):
  2. Download @SteemWallet by @roelandp: fast, secure and open source wallet for the Steem blockchain
  3. Download Discord: on the Steem Blockchain it's all about the communities, and the communities of Steem are mostly gathered on Discord Channels. You will need Discord on your smartphone, or just access the Discord website
  4. Join your first community: you can find me at @ddaily, a community made by creators, for creators. Let's talk!. This is DDaily's Discord channel:
  5. Follow @steemsavvy, The Ultimate Beginners Guide To The World of Steem: create an account on their website, it's 100% free. They have videos with all the knowledge you need to start rocking the Steem Blockchain like a champ!:

Resources for creators on Steem

  • Post automatically your new Instagram, Twitter and Youtube posts to the Steem Blockchain with @share2steem. Register using my referral link and I will upvote your future posts shared via Share2Steem:
  • Upload videos to @DTube: it's the Steem dApp that gives the best rewards. Besides that, creating a video is a lot of fun!. "Video killed the radio star".
  • Set up your auto-votes and delegations with @Wise, Vote delegation system for Steem. I think this is the best way to manage your automatic voting and delegations. They offer great options for customizing the way your votes will be given.

Do you want to pay in FIAT using your crypto?

  • Come and join me at Wirex!: sign up, buy some crypto using your credit/debit card, and we'll both earn free Bitcoin!. Spend your Steem with the Wirex Visa debit card and get Crypto Cash Back.
  • I have been using the Wallet & Card App to buy, sell, track and send crypto. It comes together with a no-annual-fee metal MCO Visa Card and some great perks like cash back and airport lounge access. Download the app and sign up, it's super easy. You can use my referral link with my referral code: 05xm061xuc

Screw FIAT money, but we still need it... right?

  • N26 is my recommended bank in the Euro-Zone. We still need banks at some point in our lives. My experience with N26 has been flawless. A bank account with features that make sending money, saving money and keeping your money safe easier than choosing what to have for breakfast. Sign up for N26 with my referral code and see how easy banking can be. Use danielg0415.
  • Get a free international money transfer with TransferWise. Send money to 60 countries at the lowest possible fee, with the real exchange rate. Claim your free transfer now with this referral link

Curious about other Blockchains?




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