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Steem Velocity Hardfork - Hardfork 20

in steem •  5 months ago

Hey, thanks, @bryan-imhoff. I think you managed to say in one comment what I've been trying to say but probably still didn't with two. :) I appreciate the back up/follow up/confirmation.

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will this price of sbd remain equal to steem price or sbd price increase more than steem price in some next days @glenalbrethsen ?? bcz i dont understand this if i see the price of sbd before 10 months ago when the sbd was pumped 6 to 7x than steem


hey @shencoin.

I think the best answer to your question is, who knows? The market will pretty much determine the values of STEEM and SBD. What happens here on the STEEM platform has an effect, but there's still plenty of people out there buying and selling both.

I think the intent with some of the changes of this next HF is to try to provide more tools to help de-incentivize pumping of SBD, like you mention, and so if that works, the SBD will remain closer to $1 USD. It's also meant to free up STEEM to go as high as the market will take it.

So, the intent is, SBD will be less than STEEM. Whether that happens or not, when it might happen, so on and so on, no one really knows.