First Liquid Payment Including SBD After a While!

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I don't know if the recent price surge of STEEM has to do with re-enabling of deposits and withdrawals for it and other cryptos on the bithump exchange, but the timing coincides too much to consider it has no influence, especially considering the price STEEM was when it was disabled (above $1).

It still is around 96 cents according to, which offered good possibilities of arbitrage for those interested, but with a high risk of course, because this looks like an unnatural pump, and you know what follows after that, don't you?

Anyway, this pump of the STEEM price released some pressure from the debt ratio, which is now around 9%, from over 10%. Don't celebrate yet, because in case of a dump, we go back to the same spot, or a little worse.

Because the debt ratio improved, today I received the first liquid payment which included SBD after a while:

Normally, I prefer a combined SBD/STEEM/SP reward.

But if a dump follows to bring the price of STEEM back the level where it was before the pump, then we'll find ourselves in the same situation with the price, only with more debt (more SBD). And that would not be good for Steem obviously.


I noticed one of my payments was in SBD too @gadrian.

Yup, there will be more as long as the STEEM price holds or continues to rise.

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I was hoping that Steem would stay in the $0.20 to $0.30 USD range for a while longer, so I could make another good purchase, but I am also somewhat happy that the price appears to be stabalizing higher. @gadrian

The current stake of my family is 1,400+ Steem, and I made two purchases at $0.31 USD, so I was able to buy a decent amount for a good price.

The management of Steem appears to be working out well, with a lot of community involvement, especially for a bear market.

I am personally happy with @steemit, @ned, the witnesses (somewhat) and in general, the Steem ecosystem as a whole - I enjoy the process of Steeming, and of course, all the on-goings in and around the Steem blockchain. Everything that happens definitely keep me entertained!

Time will tell Chris. I'm glad that you're enjoying it. When I don't get too involved in controversial topics, so do I.

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Yeah @gadrian I'm not so involved in the controversial topics since I don't consider myself an expert anyways.

I just enjoy seeing the different ideas by @exyle @aggroed @ned @tarazkp and others 😊

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