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RE: User Retention: This is Our Community

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Like you wrote interaction and engagement are 2 corner stones!
Firstly we need to welcome new users and make them feel at home!
This is were communties should kick in. From crypto pasionates to sewing club. From sports bettors to reading clubs! The more communities the better.
We, the sports betting community (@sbcbot), are trying to give new users a push in the back. This is done via upvotes on ine side and by giving lots of education how the steem blockchain works! Because in the early days, it can be real dark and lonesome in here.
We try to interact with our members here on the blockchain on our discord channel. For sure in a niche as sports betting these actions are important. Cause lots of the post are useless to many of the steem population but can be great to members of a particular community!
What we also try to do is to connect people. If I do see a post from someone I am following, who does have shared interest with another steemian I am following, I will introduce them to each other!

According to me the most people stop because they do see it as a quick rich scheme, which it isn’t! It is about interaction and within the first 6 months we should not focus on the money part, it should be a nice side effect!
The more people who are connected with each other, the smaller the burn rate will become!