What are you talking about? It's still is getting put on content?

Yep, but is it content determined to be 'good' by the community, or the vote buyer?
And the bot is taking the place of whale curation, they are dodging their responsibility in favor of easy money.
Crap posts and spam are not going to build value in the platform like properly curated content would.

Yes you are right. But the profits will go down... And then they will move to another place. The short term thinkers that will say.

Ok, good riddance, steem isnt a participation ribbon.

If the hardfork that allowed this bs was reversed, and muzzles put on the greedy whales, we could have a platform that rewards 'good' content instead of this crap that gets rewarded now.
Minnows would matter in the math, disribution would be wider, and we would be over run with real people instead of scammer bots.

If I take a look at the trending page right now I don't really see that much crazy stuff. I see quality interesting provoking content. I would say most is quality. I think it's interesting with variation I come to Steemit to be entertained and laugh a bit. For me it's fun! I mean I already start to see many whales get nervous because the profits go down. For me that's very entertaining stuff. Since I'm in it for the long term.

If the Minnows want more power they have to buy in. It's that simple. Buy in and work hard and smart. Be very active that will say! Write 100 quality comments per day. The ones who do will find awesome success here.

It has gotten better than it started with, but pay for play is illegal for a reason, eh?
So, poor people need not apply?

What are you talking about? "Pay for play". Life cost money. If you want to live you need money. If you want to invest you need money. If you want to get ahead you need money.

Yep, slavery is freedom.