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RE: STEEM 2020; What I am going to do!

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And then there's the issue of people spamming Actifit reports all over the place. It's just a horrible welcome for newcomers. eSteem is rather attractive, though a bit slow but it might do the trick in time.

I think Steemit really has to get more interactive and engaging. Browsing through tags is crap, as the most common tags will mean nothing to newcomers. You should be able to search filtering tags, word count, reading time, popularity and amount of comments.

As you said before, an easier way of accessing communities would be just as welcome. There is just so much to improve here, and doesn't seem to be happening at the appropriate speed. Nice article, solid arguments there.


There's lots to improve and besides Steempeak not much has changed on the UI level.

I didn't realise about the Actifit stuff, I don't tend to look at much of that. You see it from a different perspective.

At this point it doesn't bother me either. But I'm thinking on how newcomers might be put off when having difficulties to find the good stuff on Steemit. And there is a lot of that to be found.

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