8000 SP another milestone

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Yesterday I finally reached 8000 Steem power and I will definitely have a !beer to celebrate once my fasting is over next week.



Now to be fair this is not all from blogging, part was also from investing into steem


And with another small dip on the horizon (I think) I hope to be accumulating a bit more. The mid term target is to reach 10000 Steem power. That is a true magical number

That will still make me a dolphin and a long way to reach Orka but on the other hand that puts me strongly in the top 1500 of all steem accounts out there. Currently I am ranked on the spot 1686 for SP holders.

I guess after that the next goal would be to reach the top 1000 which is currently set at around 15000 SP.

Screenshot 2019-04-11 at 10.29.35.png

The end goal is to create some added passive income. Steem delegations return max 18% and now even 20% with the announcement from @steemhunt
So if Steem goes back to its all time high of 6 usd that means even without blogging

10000 x 6 = 60000 x18% = 10800 USD per year or 900 per month
15000 x 6 = 90000 x 18% = 16200 USD per year or 1350 per month

Now dare to dream a little and make that Steem price 60
500 x 60 = 30000 x 18% = 5400 per year or 450 per month
10000 x 60 = 600000 x18% = 108000 USD per year or 9000 per month
15000 x 60 = 900000 x 18% = 162000 USD per year or 13500 per month

These are starting to look like wages in some countries, sadly not in Switzerland (only if I dream) but for someone in the 3rd world these are life changing amounts. Even a Minnow in this dream of mine is making a nice extra every month.

That is assuming I am taking everything out to live off and I am not blogging or participating in some other way like playing @steemmonsters or @steemhunt or whatever other novel way people come up with to earn more Steem.
In my opinion this is a careful estimate since the overall crypto market seems on the verge of waking up out of its winter slumber. We might indeed experience another dip but all in all there seems to be more activity.
And Steem is in my opinion heavily undervalued and a lot has to do with people preferring the one scoop of ice cream now as compared to the entire box of ice cream later.

As Rudyard Kipling wrote in his famous poem If:

“If you can keep your head when all about you,
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too…
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.”

are you powering up Steem power?

what is your target?

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Congratulation on this great step! It's true that in Switzerland you need to get some more SP to be earning a normal wage ;-).

By the way I found a great way to increase my curation reward. I've put an automatic upvote on @felander. It pays great ;-)

Best regards,


Well, will keep blogging and participating so that someday I might earn a 2nd normal wage. Thanks for the auto vote, good for both of us. At what time did you put it?

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I believe that steem comes closests to a way to earn a living without having to sell anything on the internet. I truely believe in it and I'm powering up and investing whenever I can.

For the auto vote, after reading your article about it, I've set it at 11 min.

Congrats man! that's an outstanding number...
btw, your All time curation is so slow! improve it!


yea, I have been doing something seriously wrong with my curation and have been working on improving it the last few weeks

Congrats @felander! I’m powering up, too, hoping to hit 10K by the end of the year :)
Enjoy the beers!
PS: This is my very first comment published via Partiko

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we are on the same target then... I am sure we will both make it.
So how do you like it? for me its a bit easier then appics for normal posting, but I did reopen Appics and started posting with @photolander. I guess we both gave eachother a reminder


I like the app a lot and am grateful for the recommendation :-) Will definitely use it more often from now on! So now I will have four favorites: DTube, eSteem Surfer, APPICS and Partiko.

Good achievement, well done!

I think STEEM's ATH was just over $8? Might help your calculations a bit more ;)


I have seen the figure of 8 floating around as well but I do not think it ever reached that though here is an image from coinpaprika. But in the end that is not what matters, its where I think the coin can go and not where it went :-)
thanks for commenting though
Screenshot 2019-04-11 at 22.27.40.png

8K is a good number mate. Represents a lot of work. Well done.

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we just have to keep at it while its relatively easy to do so


Yeah, was talking to tarazkp earlier today and he was saying the same thing. Hoping things really go well here...Would be nice to catch a break and a strong crypto return would be welcome. Well done again in your 8000. Big effort.

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Congratulations. I just transferred another £500 over to kraken today... not sure when to buy btc but all that's for steem eventually. Its a great feeling buying steem!

I want one of those damn planets.... but I get the feeling even 3K steem won't be enough to secure one of the last three!


I do not think this is going to last either...

we could split one for 1k each?

Screenshot 2019-04-11 at 22.36.41.png


If the prices get silly it's a deal! 50-50?

If they get really silly I'm out!

I promised myself I'd go large on the next game. This one looks good - loved Elite as a kid, good dev team, and no spelling mistakes.

No point bidding until 5 mins before the deadline. Ebay stylee


true that, do they have multisig options for steem already? Maybe we could create an account for it?


Not sure about the multisig... creating an account would work I think!

Maybe chat on Discord - Have a think on names!

May be out of our range if bernie/ exyle and the like want one anyway.

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