What's Wrong With a Bit of Good Ol' Fashioned Belief?

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You know, I been reading a few posts recently in regards to STEEM and what a bad idea it is. Fair enough to have that opinion, each to their own, after all. But that doesn't mean there's another side to that argument and we're all well within our right to express that. Coz I feel the exact opposite. I feel these prices are extremely low and buying up from here as well as cost averaging downward. It's a solid plan and makes quite a lot of sense. From my perspective anyways.


In case you've just got here, STEEM is getting a overhaul. In that, I mean a couple of core underlying concepts that many are already used to on our blockchain, are being tweaked to shift the overall mindset. The "exchange" of value narritive is coming to the fore. The adoption of a business model ideology, similar to the one exemplified as the runaway success story on STEEM that is "Splinterlands". Through the emergance of SMT's (which I now believe to be actually deliverable in the near future), many other such Dapps will get the same oppotunity. The vision of an eco-system builf upon the foundations of STEEM is no longer a dream, but one we can clearly see is being realized through the advent of so many new and innovative development projects choosing STEEM as their base of operations. Actifit, Steemhunt and Appics to name but a few.

So I ask you, why the hell "not" believe in the future success of this blockchain? I mean, I get the mentality behind other dubious ventures in life. Thinking of joining Scientology? Maybe not. Why not invest a large portion of funds into Bitconnect 2.0? Maybe not. Some things in life have certain hallmark attributes that scream "trouble" ahead. But why does building a portfolio in STEEM fall under the same umbrella of delusionality and madness? The community is in place, the technology is sound and literally works "out-of-the-box" and developement on the blockchain is in full swing. The only problem we have is the price. But wait a minute. Price can go up, it can go down. So who can indisputably tell me that the STEEM price will never recover from here? Exactly.

I know we have issues. But I also see them being worked through. I see the culture of STEEM changing in a dynamic and economc way. Sure, HF21 is around the corner and many people are worried about that. But that has nothing to do with whether this place wll succeed or not. To me anyways, it makes sense to believe in this blockchain and thus invest in that belief. We are far from a dead project and have massive room for growth. From a personal standpoint, I'm looking to a bright future and hope that it plays out that way. Stay postive and keep on climbing, my Steemian peepz! :)


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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Just wondered do you keep a good record of your various purchases over time so you know on your purchases what your ave. cost price per Steem it is. Unfortunately I bought a big chunk at $4! So my average is high?

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You bought in at $4? Well, you can count me in too, buddy. I also did and if I work out the averages, I'm still way down in terms of what I put in. So I have a choice. Either take my losses and power down or keep grinding away hoping for that consistent rise to kick in. And judging where we are now in terms of price and what I se going on with this blockchain? I think I'll be taking my chances with this place and sticking around. But yes, overall at the moment, I'd have been better just staying put with BTC.

The other piece you need to factor in is all the Steem you have earned. Obviously time is also valuable, but if you factor in all that earned Steem which cost you £0 to accumulate it helps the average! I’m in the same camp, sit it out, and wait for the unknown trigger that reverses the situation!

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I totally agree! We have the power to choose to focus on solutions instead of dwelling on negativity. Steem is up over 6% today!

Most definately, friend! I'm a fighter in spirit and tend not to lay down and give up when the going gets tough. Even though admittedly my emotions are all over the place at times, I can still manage to maintain a level head. Let's hope what I envision is "real" and eventually this ship turns around for us all.

Sure, HF21 is around the corner and many people are worried about that. But that has nothing to do with whether this place will succeed or not.

I think a lot of the people are only seeing one side of the coin so to speak, the side that make them money with little to no effort. Even that though does not mean steem is not a success.

I have seen a lot of post talking about the death spiral steem is in, how Steem is going to die, There are still a lot of people posting at 18 cents, There would still be a lot of people posting at 10 cents. Did we go through a core stabilization period like back in 2016 when price tumbled and some people left, the price recovered, some people came back, some new people, (like me), joined. I do not see the death of Steem,

Many of the alt coins that have gone through are going through what people seem to call crypto winter, are indeed going to be frozen out, they had nothing to keep them going, Steem has its people, it has it's engagement, and it has it's development.

Change is hard to take for a lot of people, fear is a tool to control the people. Fear of HF21? What, really is there to fear? I myself do not like the down vote pool ides, but do I fear it? No not at all. Have I been afraid to voice my opinion? I don't think so, I am just a user, but I still have questions, thoughts and ideas, and yes opinions.

When people are able to over come their fear, they will see that even if it all does go to shit, it can still be fixed. It just might take time.

Some crazy good positivity there. All substantiated by logic too. As you say, we ain't just a bunch of empty promises but a blockchain that delivers. And don't let people downplay the technology of STEEM. Having sounds tech is mightily important as well in this space.

So I'm ready for HF21. As you say, I'll take the good with the bad whilst naturally letting the rest of the vision play out before me.

I am just Glad I bought a lot more STEEMMONSTERS while the Price of STEEM has Fallen. Now that we are bottoming on the Price of STEEM. It Will be Amazing how People will be Able to Make 5 Times Their Money rather Quickly as STEEM goes back to a Dollar.........@ezzy

Nice move with Steem Monsters, buddy. There's a good chance we're nearing the bottom soon. Just a little patience required. :)

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I'm thinking that Splinterlands could be worth more than the current market cap of Steem one day. Would be strange if it gets to that level and Steem hasn't gone up significantly too. Its a risk but one I'm willing to take. Funny how buying low is hard and so is selling high. I missed most of the selling high last year, so I'll try not to do the same with buying low :)