Everite I'm so happy to see you! I wondered what happened to you.

Justin Sun bought Steemit, Inc and much of the community moved to a fork called Hive.

You can sell your stem on Bittrex or Binance.

Blocktrades no longer supports Steem, due to a battle the whales had with Justin Sun which resulted in Stake being removed.

Anyway, I am so happy to see you

I can’t seem to find how to sell sbd or steem on Binance?

Are the wallets down? As far as I know they both trade there

I can’t find either listed there- but then again I’m a rookie but have looked several times - I click on the middle tab below then click on deposit and don’t see SBD or steem on the list

Sort by btc markets

What do you think about Steem under the new management?

You can post and self upvote, most do.

It's not really about content that much now it's more of a stake based platform.

Good to see you again, Everitt!

Things have changed a good bit, as @whatsup explained. I'm active on both sites... they are somewhat different, now.

I use Bittrex to trade Steem. Works pretty well.

Your Hive account works with the same keys as here.