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@dimimp I know you promised me more cash.. But like This is urgent !! I want to start a business offline and also put it out online to get more online buyers so I can get steady flow of income, daily. Seems this crypto thing ain’t working for me right now atm. And I need you to Kindly help me with 3000-5000 steem. Steem is dipping badly I actually need about 6500 steem tbh but just support me with 3000- 5000 steem for a start, if you can’t afford 6500 steem atm so I can start up my business before 2019 as am already planning next year. My broke wallet can’t save my ass right now.. .. Am scared of going completely broke.. 200 SBD is all I have to live on till next year.. If you take this as emergency I would really appreciate it mate! I really want to travel the world and achieve and build a community as you are doing but steem disappointed us all, grant me this favor I owe you one. You have done really great things on here.. you are the real MVP ..

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