New Steem Doesn't Give a Fuck

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Some of the abusers here haven't been touched since years back, but right now no one is untouchable. That's how I feel like at least.

There are plenty of new good villains who will stand for what is right... and that feels fucking amazing.

You see, SP has re-located a bit over the years and, many honorable actions are being taken right now to spread the word out.

A word how #newsteem won't take shit and repeat the same mistakes #oldsteem did.

Word how you still have time to change your old behavior patterns. lol

Word with some higher order of ideals, that envisions a more equal and prosperous future for us all. Not just for the greedy minority that's stuck on old beliefs.

Old beliefs are everything what's wrong with the world.

Circle jerks will be burned alive. Mark my words. Lol

there is no mercy, time has come to end your bad behavior and let this place heal. Your greed was never good for this place no matter how positively you presented it.

There were and are many small fishes around who thought your actions were noble cause you are good with words.

In reality, they were getting only the bread crumbs off your table. That's how majority of jerks acted, like a hunger that can't get satisfied... somehow always needs more. No one else needs to eat, I'll eat everything.

That kind of behavior can't be good in a single way. Years of similar behavior brought us to where we are now... best place where we've ever been though, but still, could things be better? Considering the humongous potential? Very much they could.

Does it matter? No it doesn't.

But what matters is this experiment let us clearly know, what is good and what is not. How will the blockchain grow and how it can get suppressed by non satiable appetite of minority

So after all this time, if you are still somehow turning a blind eye on - you will be dealt with. lol

No more draining ladies and gentlemen. We are entering a new era, era of building collectively towards a mutual goal.

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And what is YOUR goal for #newsteem! Everyone has to add value. Loving the positive vibe. Steem hard, steem on!!

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