Holly Crap! Steem & Tron? Recipe for Disaster?

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Goodness gracious!

You just can't turn a head in this space without some outrageous news here and there can you?

I knew there were speculations about Tron and Steemit being a team, but damn, what's this thing about a new Steem token on Tron? Or maybe I've read that wrong, but let's just take a minute to think about what this will mean for Steem shall we?

1. More Users?

Perhaps. I feel like Tron has a lot of passionate shillers, who would support almost anything Justin Sun throws at them. So, perhaps we should expect an influx of users in the next couple of days/ weeks. I have read a couple of posts so far saying STEEM blockchain has the capacity to handle more influx users should this be the case, only time will tell.

2. Price Hike?

I guess we could speculate that this news is partly why Steem has been going steadily up the last couple of days/weeks. I don't know how true this is, but with the current official announcement, I expect this price to keep going up. Wouldn't be amazing to wake up to Steem about $1 by end month? Damn.

3. More Exposure for STEEM

I think this is what is exciting me the most. We know Justin is not one to hold back when it comes to being in the spotlight, and is also one who's big on controversy. They say there's nothing like bad publicity and I strongly believe that. So, the fact that Justin is already made this announcement officially, it would mean a lot more people who follow him and his work already are looking into what Steem is truly about. I imagine Warren Buffet and other whales of wall street may come into this information, who knows how much STEEM they may decide to grab for themselves? Like the chances of Steem getting mass adoption get bigger and better from where I sit.


Official Twitter Announcement


What good or bad do you expect from this merge? Are you skeptical about anything? Personally I feel this space can be quite volatile and the most unexpected events happen here the most. I am still not quite sure of how I feel about this. But if I'm being honest I see more positive than negative. If this happens to be the one thing that drags STEEM down, I'll be glad we at least tried to make a change. They do say a change is as good as a rest and that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Perhaps this is the one change that we need to more STEEM a step closer to mass adoption, but of course, it may go south. We just have to keep the optimistic Steem vibes and keep supporting this blockchain for as long as we can, collectively.

Your Thoughts?


justin sun marketing + plus steems lack of marketing could = goodness

Steem over $1 will heal a lot of the wounds around here. And create some new ones as opportunity and corruption always follow the cash. We've been rich and poor here...rich is better. And if it takes Tron to do that...I'm all for it.

Warren Buffet doesn't like cryptocurrency and wont put anything into Steem or Tron. He had a meal with Justin Sun because he was given $4.6 million to charity for it.

OMG. I never knew this. I hope this brings some positive changes.