EXODE sending all starships to the HIVE blockchain, opening preorders soon!

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HOT news today, as the HIVE blockchain has been confirmed and is launching this Friday, according to this post and also this post from hive.io.

I confirm that EXODE is joining the HIVE movement with all heart, soul and strength; and 100 percent of its preorder launch.

EXODE is joining the battle!

If I am not mistaken, EXODE will even be the first 'entirely new game application' launching on HIVE.

I also confirm that HIVE will be the one-and-only blockchain available to purchase packs and the base of all EXODE transactions. Getting these coins will not be a problem thanks to the announced airdrop this Friday. (and also, @blocktrades is backing HIVE so exchanging won't be an issue)

With the soon-to-be-launched preorder lasting for a few weeks, I hope to do my part to support the value of the new coin.

So get your HIVE coins ready! :)

PS: EXODE preorder was scheduled for this Friday. With the HIVE launching the same day, EXODE will follow just after (new estimated launch date: Sunday, March 29th).


@elindos yes it will be the first application to lanch on new hive. Congratulations dear

Congratulations 🍾
See ya on Hive!

Brave decision! I'm looking forward for the start of the game.